Best 10 retro looks to bring back from the '30s to the '60s

If you are a long time reader, then you will have noticed that I love retro looks. I have been a Marilyn Monroe fan since I am 7 years old and I will never stop admiring the old Hollywood with all its glitz and glam. I have created many vintage inspired looks (makeup and clothing) and today I will give you my best 10 vintage looks from the '30s to the '60s that I find we should bring back!

1. Let's bring back headpieces with feathers and long strands of pearls! (Find the tutorial for the headpiece here- you will never guess what I used to create this).

2. Let's bring back fun '60s inspired neon eyeshadows! (Here is the tutorial for the yellow cut-crease below).

3. I don't think it was ever gone- but let's use more red lipstick! Red lips are always timeless and so Hollywood!

4. Let's bring back cat eye '60s sunglasses and light blue eyeshadow... because it is so much fun! (Here is the hair tutorial for the hair style below)

5. Let's bring back the short "roaring" hair of the '30s! (I used below an exact retro replica lipstick from 1935- read here about it).

6. Let's bring back sexy nude lips a la Brigitte Bardot! (Here is the tutorial for the makeup look below)

7. Let's wear a cute baret again and big glitzy earrings! (Here is the makeup tutorial for the look below)

8.  Let your inner Rockabilly out and create a rockabilly ponytail with a pompadour a la Elvis! (Here is the hair tutorial!)

9. Let's bring Victory back with a Victory roll! (Here is the hair tutorial)

10. Let's bring back mens pants and ties a la Marlene Dietrich!

And here is the proof for how long I admire retro looks! ;-)
I'm 16 years old on this pic- clearly I was already into vintage looks! My dress and shoes were authentic from the '60s from a German vintage store. The belt was rather '80s! LOL! And Marilyn Monroe is peeking from behind the door! ;-)

What is your favorite retro look to bring back in 2019?