I know this is really last minute, but if you are still looking for a great (literally great: Great Gatsby that is!) and easy costume- how about a roaring 20s / 30s outfit? I was on a murder mystery party last week and decided to dress up like this. I had almost everything already in my closet- except that I bought some long black gloves and a black feather boa from Party City (well the boa made btw a horrible mess everywhere... as if I killed a raven lol). And I have to tell you how I made this headpiece too ... and can you believe, it did not even cost me anything? Right! How is that possible you ask?

Well, I still had a New Years Mask from Dollar Tree laying around (that did cost me $1- you guessed it) and I simply folded it in half and stuck it into one of my old hairbands! Simple as that! Haha! Frugal old me! ;-) But if you don´t happen to have this at home, Party City or Amazon really has great cheap headpieces for under $10 (and with Amazon Prime this can still arrive on time if you order NOW! )

There is my headpiece: a Dollar Tree mask and a headband! Love my Radio? Get yourself one here! ;-)

The dress is an old one that I got years ago from dressbarn and I thought it kinda looks like a flapper dress. I added some pearls and I stuck my hair "under" (using this) to make it appear shorter. Done! It was so simple and easy but with a huge impact (I actually ended up winning a prize!)

My friend actually showed up in a Victorian Costume- so there wasn´t really a theme at that Murder Mystery party- everybody showed up in whatever they wanted. We both had no intention of playing a role originally, but we were kinda forced into it lol. I was THE baroness! ;-)

My bag is from bebe!

There: the REAL housewives of Atlanta! ;-)

And no: I didn´t murder anyone! I swear! ;-)

Create your own Great Gatsby costume!

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