About me!

I´m Sissi and I moved 11 years ago from Germany to Florida.

I am a full time blogger, mommy of a 11 year old fabulous (violin playing) boy and of a very hungry cat and wife of a (car) crazy 41 year old man.

I started to write a blog in 2013, because I discovered so many tips and tricks how to get free stuff, that I wanted to share all my insights with you. Hence the name of my blog: beauty4free2u.com. Get it? “Beauty for FREE to you!” ;-) Today my blog evolved into a beauty blog, where I also share reviews, tips and other inspirations with currently 72,000 visitors/month.

I think I got the one or other good tip for you to share and that is why I am here. How to get free makeup and beauty products is probably my most read post with more then 350.000 visits. I like to do things myself, because it is cheaper and faster and I am sharing all the tips I got with you (like highlighting my hairdoing my nailscreate my own bronzer or even removing a mole!).

I just published my first book (available as e-book or Paperback) in which I share all the tips that I have to get free beauty products, how to become a product tester and more money saving tips! Check it out if you like and save a ton of money! ;-)

I also have a YouTube channel. This one is one of my most popular videos (more than 100,000 views!). It´s a trick on how to remove a mole! This really works! I have done it 3 times (to myself!) and don´t even have a scar!

Sometimes I make a goofy video like this one - life is too short to take it too serious!

I also have a second YouTube channel called "Sissi die Auswanderin" where I share my experience as a German living in the U.S.- but this channel is German- though I include English subtitles (click on the little CC on the right bottom corner!).

Also: I switched in May 2014 to cruelty free cosmetic (find a list of cruelty free brands) because I love animals! I am also an App Developer of the Go Cruelty Free App that helps you to shop for cruelty free products.  You will see here and there a glimpse of my cat Schmusie (that is German for "snuggle") on my blog! 

I hope you stick around!

If you have questions, you can contact me here: beauty4free2u@icloud.com