Today I will tell you how to buy Retin-A (Tretinoin) without a prescription- or without going to the doctor! I have 5 ways to get your cheap Retinoid! Retin-A (aka Tretinoin) seems to be the gold standard against wrinkles. Originally formulated to get rid of acne, it was pretty fast clear, that this ingredient does not only get rid of acne, but also of those unwanted wrinkles. Why? Because it gets rid of the top layers of your skin. It will literally make them "peel off". Redness, irritation and flakiness are common issues- however: most women swear by it as - side effects aside- it just simply works! Only problem: you have to go to a dermatologist and get a prescription. It is not available in store. But I have some solutions! So, today I tell you, how you can buy a Retin-A cream without a prescription!
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Update: I had a lot of trouble from YouTube for making this video and YouTube even completely removed it as you can read here.

I should say: without going to a doctor, since that is probably the most annoying thing: getting an appointment, waiting, talking to the doctor, blah blah and also PAYING for the visit, right? Annoying!


Yes, simply type in "Tretinoin" on ebay and you will find countless products- often from Spain, India or Mexico, that sell our beloved wrinkle treatment, and often for very cheap. No prescription needed! Ebay does not officially allow to sell the product, but somehow these sellers always manage to list the product (creating constantly new ebay accounts and such)- and if only for a short time.

Sometimes a search for "Tretinoin" will bring you 0 results- because ebay is trying to end all these auctions (but they are not fast enough lol), but if you are creative, you will still find them with terms such as "A Retin", or "Retin A 0.1", "Retin A cream 0.05" or "Vitacid" (from Indonesia).

Ebay auctions for Tretinoin

But, is it safe to use Tretinoin from such a country, you might wonder? 

Look, I know it sounds scary, but my personal belief is, that it is absolutely OK to use them. I myself use since many years a birth control from Turkey and feel absolutely safe with it (why you ask? Cause the same birth control costs here in the U.S. $300 and I pay only $20 in Turkey lol!).

Tretinoin from Spain? Well, Spain is a member of the EU and must absolutely obey the laws and regulations of the EU. In fact: regulations for medications are far more strict in the EU than in the U.S.. Did you know that you need a prescription for acne products such as Proactiv (basically products containing Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide) in Europe? Crazy, right? I personally do not see any problem with the use of a Tretinoin from Spain.

Mexico you might wonder? Again, we are talking here only about a Tretinoin cream, not about politics and other stuff. I have seen people discussing this on tripadvisor and many US tourists buy their Tretinoin without a prescription in Mexico and they are absolutely satisfied.

India though? I found this amazing website that goes into detail which brands from India are safe to use and which ones are questionable. So, if buying from India, you might want to look up this site to be on the safe side!

It is ultimately your choice, if you trust these countries or not. And: you can always get irritations, redness and such- if a doctor is involved or not. A prescription does not protect you from an irritation! 

Use your own gut! Do you have over-sensitive skin? Well, you might not be the right candidate for such a strong medication. Try a Retinol first and see how you like it! That is available without prescription! ;-)


Yep, you heard right. But without a prescription? Not quite, but at least you don´t have to go to a doctor! ;-)

Did you know that Walgreens and CVS offer Clinics at certain locations? (Check here Walgreens clinic locations and here CVS clinic locations). Depending on your states regulations, you will meet with a health practitioner, such as a nurse, that is able to prescribe you what you need. Now this option makes sense, if your insurance covers such visits and if your co-pay is for example as low as $10. If you like to pay without an insurance, expect to pay between $89-$120. And how much you have to pay for the Tretinoin has of course also to do with your insurance- it could be as low as $8 or much more. 

Since Tretinoin is mainly to treat acne, it might be a good idea, to say that you need it for your adult acne- I am not sure, how they handle the situation if you ask for it against wrinkles. ;-) 

Oh and one other thing: CVS and Walgreens have generic versions of Tretinoin- if you ask for those, it could also save you $$$!

But this solution might still be faster and cheaper than visiting your doctor (again: depending on your insurance).


Curology is a new website that works together with dermatologists and once you sign up, you send a couple of photos of your skin to a dermatologist that is assigned to you. You can tell the dermatologist exactly your problems and he/she might have a couple questions for you. This all happens online- which saves so much time! After your conversation, the dermatologist will create a recipe of a customized Curology bottle just for you! And yes, Tretinoin is included (the percentage depends on how the dermatologist evaluates your skin situation)! I tried this service myself and thought it was amazing.

This is so much easier (and cheaper!) than to go to a dermatologist! 

You can get your first bottle FOR FREE and pay only $4.95 shipping! 

After your first month it is $19.95 +$4.95 shipping per month (or $39.90 for 2 month + free shipping). Pretty good idea in my opinion! 


OK- this one is a little tricky, because you can´t trust all online pharmacies. I have heard of lots of different scams- such as never receiving any product, credit card fraud, or even receiving placebo products...

I have personally not tried any online pharmacies, but have received word (Thank you, Sherry!) that ReliableRX is a good one. It is located in India.The shipping is $12, so it's more cost effective to order more than one tube at a time. 


Now available: the first over-the-counter Retinoid: Differin Gel! Absolutely no prescription needed and available in your drugstore! Read more about it here!

If this is all still too much work for you, you can still go ahead and buy some Retinol instead. This one is the strongest I have found so far and you don´t need a prescription!

I also have a list of the best Retinol serums that you can check out!

Disclaimer: I was offered one month of Curology for free in return for an Instagram post back in April 2017. This article here- however- is unpaid and solely a write up I made for your information and has absolutely nothing to do with Curology. Not paid, not nothing. Just thought I clear this up! ;-) Contains Affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.

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