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Best photo equipment for Bloggers/Youtubers

I am blogging on here since 2013 and have a YouTube channel since 2014- so I have tried many different cameras and lighting equipment over the years for those perfect photos or videos! So today I thought I will make it easier for you, if you are starting a blog or a YouTube channel and give you my personal list of my best photo equipment recommendations to get amazing professional looking photos (or video) of either yourself (wohoo selfies!) or of products that you need to shoot!

The Neewer Ring Light kit includes a 18" dimmable LED Ring light that works fantastic, even on a rainy day. It even includes a tripod on which you can attach any camera or smartphone. Works great to get that flawless face for YouTube but also for that selfie! This comes with white and orange filters that you can attach to the ring light- try them out which one works best for you and makes you look the best! Personally I always use the white filters.

No need to spend double the price for the…

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