I used the Nira Skincare Laser for 60 days and this happened (with before/after pictures)!!!

So I have been using the Nira Skincare Laser for 60 days! I used this device every single morning! I would say that it took me about 2 minutes a day. And today I have my shocking results for you -including before and after pictures!

Here are the claims of the Nira Skincare Laser: 

Using the same advanced laser technology as dermatologists, the NIRA Skincare Laser naturally renews skin by stimulating natural collagen production to plump skin and smooth wrinkles - revealing firmer, youthful looking skin.

The NIRA Skincare Laser reverses the impact of aging by transmitting a non-fractional laser fluence to gently heat the dermis above the point of heat-shock protein (HSP) formation and just below the pain threshold. This stimulates natural collagen production to plump skin and smooth wrinkles without any damage - revealing firmer, youthful looking skin.

Watch my review also on YouTube!

I have seen a couple YouTubers using the device on their forehead lines or even marionette lines- however, the NIRA Skincare Laser has been FDA Cleared ONLY for wrinkles around the eyes. And that is why I personally decided to only use it around my eyes.

Nira recommends to use 40 spot treatments under each eye- however I find that I need only around 30 to cover the whole under-eye area of one eye- as I don´t have much "real estate" there. 😏

This picture explains well how to use the device!

The laser has 5 different power levels but I was never able to go higher than level 3- at times I saw myself switching back to level 2 as I found it too painful. 

But let's get to the most important question: did my crows feet and wrinkles around my eyes improve? Let's see my before/after pictures!

Here is an up-close picture of my (not smiling) face. You can see the beginning of my crows feet. But did anything improve? 

I don't see a difference, but I also find that you can not really see my wrinkles and crows feet, if I am not smiling and that is why I also SURPRISE! 🥳🎉have a smiling up-close picture! LOL! Here you go!

Alright, clearly we can see now all my wrinkles, deep lines and crows feet! BUT! Did anything change? I have to admit: I don't see anything! Everything still looks the same to me! I might even have gotten "wrinklier" in the after picture! LOL! (I think that might be due to the colder winter air)⛸

And here is a full on picture- again smiling- so you can see all the goodness! 😁Don't get scared! I warned you! 

I am so disappointed y'all! But I honestly can't tell a difference! Nothing has changed! Except that I wasted 2 minutes of my mornings for 60 days. That is a total of 120 minutes! 2 hours! And it would not be a big deal, if it would have done something! I'd gladly invest much more time, if it would do something. But I don't see it! 😓Bummer!!!

Individual results may vary and I have seen a couple favorable reviews on YouTube of women that believe the Nira Skincare Laser was making a difference, but for me this has not worked at all. 

I also wanted to mention that Nira has an Affiliate program that offers 10% commission (for a tool that costs $399 that is a $39.90 commission!!!) as well as a bonus of $100 for every 5 lasers starting November 1st until Christmas! That is a pretty hefty commission and it makes me wonder, if some creators give the Laser because of this a favorable review? I dunno! 😈

Have you tried the Nira Skincare Laser? Do tell! Did you like it? Did you see it made a difference?

Disclaimer: I received the Nira Skincare Laser mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. The content on this site is based upon the author's opinion. Read my full disclosure.