Dr. Pen Microneedling at home!

Dermarolling is so yesterday! Super excited to try out the Dr. Pen Microneedling Device. Just purchased the Dr. Pen M8- the newest in the line. Doing currently all my research before my first treatment. You have to be super careful that everything is sterile and such. I will probably buy some numbing cream too. 

You can twist this to change the speed and the depth of the needles.

Make sure you bought the real thing. It should have a scratch off code that you you can check on www.drpenreal.com

I am turning soon 47 and the lines on my face are getting deeper. I am planning to do a medical needling (0.5mm) once a month and cosmetic needling (0.2mm) once a week. I do hope that the lines on my forehead get smoother, as well as my nasolabial folds. I also want to treat my hooded eyes- especially the right one that seems to get smaller by the minute lol. 

I will keep you updated on my results! I hope in 1 year I will see a good before and after! 

This seems to be a great book about microneedling and I might have to get it before I start.

Have you tried microneedling (professional or at home?). 

Update: I can not believe it! So, yesterday I wanted to finally try my Dr. Pen (4 weeks after I bought it- because I was scared lol).  So, I finally tried to have the guts, charged the device overnight, got a green light...but then: it would not turn on! What? On top of it the first cartridge, that I opened, had a needle that was already bent! No way I am going to use that! I will have to contact the seller now. So annoying!

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