Ah, you guys! It's like I found a new (old?) soul in me! All I can think is: Retro, Vintage and Rock and roll! ;-) Did you know that Bésame created lipsticks, that are exact replicas from vintage originals of decades past? This is such a genius idea and I got my hands on 5 mini lipsticks (this was a Christmas set at Sephora) to try! From 1930 to 1970 I swatched them all and even tried to style my hair appropriate to the time. I hope you enjoy this (as much as I do). ;-)

Bésame is of course a cruelty free brand!

Bésame lipsticks are super pigmented and apply all very creamy! I recommend using lip pencils with such deep colors (I used essence lip liners for only $1.99! I got all 8 colors!). 

Bésame lipsticks retail for $22 a pop (at Sephora), which I find truly a steal for the quality AND gorgeous packaging including that retro vibe! And now let's travel in time!


We start with the Bésame lipstick in 1930 Noir Red! 

For me personally this is the one color, that I would NOT wear. This exact replica of 1930 seems to be -however -completely modern again, as I see similar colors everywhere and this color seems to be sold out at Sephora too (try Nars Scarlet Empress for a similar look)! It is so deep red that it is almost black. My son was a bit scared of me when I wore this lol. I am probably just too old for this color! ;-)


Bésame lipstick 1935 Cherry Red. 

Now we are talking! How gorgeous is this red! The most gorgeous wonderful perfect red color. If applied softly, you can see cherry undertones. So lovely! Definitely going into my faves! 


Bésame lipstick 1946 Red Velvet is another gorgeous red color that has a little more orange undertones. A very flattering red tone that makes your skin glow!


Bésame lipstick 1969 Dusty Rose.

Now this is a super easy wearable toned down mauve color- and you know that mauve colors are my absolute favorite lipstick color? If not, check this post here where I share my faves. But I have to add this one cause I love it!

Yeah- you see that right: there is some lipstick on my teeth. Always happens to me lol!


Bésame lipstick 1970 Chocolate Kiss. 

6 years before I was born, this lovely rusty brown was apparently the color on the streets. My husbands fave out of the 5! 

Which shade is your favorite? Mine is a tie between 1969 and 1935! I was really missing a lipstick from the 50s, which is my personal favorite time! Hopefully they release one soon! I would love an exact replica of a "Marilyn Monroe red"! 

Get your fave at Sephora! ;-)

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