Blumbody Facial Patches- can these strips get rid of Nasolabial folds?

As an avid reader of my my blog you probably know already, that I swear by Frownies- hey I am sleeping with a paper triangle between my eyes since almost 7 years! Can you believe it? And if you are not an avid reader of my blog- now you know! 😝 I swear, Frownies have helped so much to smooth out the frown line between my eyes (though since about a year I added another trick during the day: dermaflage- read here all about it). 

Since I was really happy with the Frownies results and I got kind of sick seeing my deep Nasolabial  folds, I thought, a tape similar to Frownies, designed for that area was something I wanted to try. 

However, I knew that Frownies are too uncomfortable for that area of my face. You know, you can wear paper tape between your eyes, but around your mouth is can really hurt. The skin is more delicate and the little corners of the Frownies can really poke into your skin. I definitely needed something like Frownies, but made for the delicate skin around my mouth. 

After a couple days of research I decided to give the Blumbody Facial Patches Smile Wrinkle Remover Strips a try! They had the perfect shape- exactly molded for the deep Nasolabial folds and they looked soft and had a bunch of good reviews on Amazon! Under $20 for 120 patches wasn't too bad either!

So I waited excited for my patches to arrive...

Here is how it went: first off: these patches feel definitely much more comfortable than Frownies. They are maybe a little thicker than your regular clear tape. No uncomfortable corners that stick into my skin either! So that was a win! But how would my Nasolabial folds look the next day after sleeping with these?

I have to admit that I felt a bit cray cray 😜sleeping with one Frownie in the middle of my eyes (as usual) but adding 2 more strips to my Nasolabial folds. What's next, I thought! Should I tape my whole face? And the neck while we are at it? Thinking about it, I should give this a try too! LOL! 

Even-though the tape is really soft, I felt it was a little uncomfortable having so many things glued on my face. But, if the strips would improve my Nasolabial folds, I would definitely consider doing this every night. 

However, the next morning I ripped off the strips and to my utter surprise: my Nasolabial folds had doubled! LOL! Instead of one deep Nasolabial fold on each side, I had now 2 on each side of my mouth. Not pretty! 😂

It was clear, that a second fold was building exactly where the tape ended and my original labial fold was in no way improved. It looked worse than ever! A total fail!!!

The second fold diminished after a couple of hours. I am so sad, but unfortunately for me these strips did not work. I will however stay loyal to my Frownies. 😜

On another note: I tried the same Blumbody Facial Patches out on my frown line (I just cut them in half to make them smaller) and this worked great!!! You can totally use these instead of Frownies on your frown lines. Bonus: they feel more comfortable and are easier to remove than Frownies!

You might wonder if I ever have tried getting injections like Botox for my frown line- and yes indeed I have tried it ONCE- you can read here all about it!

Disclaimer: I bought these. Contains Affiliate links. Read my full disclosure.