Today I will tell you how to get rid of frown lines (also called 11´s or glabellar lines) between your eyes without botox (read why I don´t do Botox) ... though I always say: I don´t have an "11"- I have (thank god) only a "1"! That is like half the problems lol! ;-)

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Most of you know that I am sleeping since more than 5 years (in December it will be 6 years!!!) every single night with Frownies and I have achieved amazing results with them (read my 5 year update and how I tried to make Frownies myself here)! See that before after pic above? Totally un-retouched images of me and you can clearly see, how deep my frown line used to be in 2013! I was always joking that I could "hide" things in that gap! LOL!

There! My beloved Frownies! Can´t sleep without them!!!

This year I have -however -found that my frown line once again is getting a little deeper. Can´t fight that aging forever I guess! So I was thinking I needed something, that does not only protect me during the night from frowning (thank you Frownies)- I needed something that kept me from doing so during the day!

And this is actually not a new product to me, but I have in the past only used this for "special occassions"- such as a wedding I was attending -to not have to worry to get pictures taken where I have the "angry look"- you know what I mean?

That is me in 2014 on a wedding with Dermaflage on my frown line! No angry look on these wedding pics.
The product still works- sadly the marriage did not last. :-(

What is the secret product? It´s called Dermaflage! It is a topical silicone filler and you can use it to hide acne scars, other scars or frown lines! So I took my box of Dermaflage out of my drawer and "practiced" my skills with it again. You really have to learn to apply that stuff and no! It isn´t easy. How many times have I messed up!!!

Smeared the silicone on my frown line, looked in the mirror, hated the result and ripped it all off again. And it isn´t cheap! But I can say that today I have mastered my skill pretty darn good and it almost always turns out the way I want it to look. And Dermaflage is soooo much cheaper than Botox! ;-)

Everything you need to get rid of frown lines between your eyes without Botox! 

People always ask me if they can also put Dermaflage under their eyes or on their forehead- but from my experience you -sadly- can not. And that is because those areas tend to move as you talk and smile. The area in between your eyes however does not move much (though apparently my brain wants to frown constantly lol)- and with Dermaflage I am able to completely avoid the frowning during the day!

Let me show you how my frown line between my eyes looks in the morning- that is of course after I have slept with a Frownie tugged in between my eyes all night! Otherwise I would probably look worse!

And below that is the image how my frown line looks with the Dermaflage applied! Pretty good result, hm?

Not only is the result really great- it stays all day long and does not move at all- even if sweating! And it fills in the frown line but also helps me to not frown at all! You can´t apply any foundation on top or below though- so that area has to stay clean from any makeup. If you put foundation or concealer on top of Dermaflage, it looks patchy and it makes the silicone look very obvious.

Let me show you step by step how I apply Dermaflage for a fantastic result!

See pictures above for the numbers below!

1. The scary before picture of my frown line (after a good night rest with Frownies- so this is already a good shape lol!) Apply the Dermaflage primer (though I believe this is just rubbing alcohol which you can use instead from my own experience. It is just supposed to make the skin clean and oil free to make the silicone adhere better).

2. Dermaflage comes in different skin tones- be sure to pick the right one. As you can see there are 2 different liquids inside: one is the color and the other the clear silicone.

3. Squeeze out the tiniest amount of Dermaflage. Really: the tiniest amount. Whatever I am able to squeeze out is usually already way too much. Dermaflage sells these applicator tips that automatically  mix the 2 liquids, but I don´t use those because they waste so much product.

4. Mix the 2 liquids with one of the small plastic tools (included in the Dermaflage set). Do it fast as the silicone dries FAST!

5. Then apply a very thin layer right on your frown line- really only stay right on that line and don´t apply it on any surrounding area.

6. I like to hold my brow up like this for about 20 seconds while the Dermaflage dries to make it really stay in that shape and "open up that deep gap".

7. After around 20 seconds I gently dab on the Dermaflage to give it a more "skin like structure". Notice that Dermaflage has a purple pad that you are supposed to hold on the silicone for that reason, but from my experience my own finger does a better job! ;-)

8. The result! Sometimes I mess up a little but it always looks better than before! ;-)

Below is a picture of me with Dermaflage on my frown line! Looks great, doesn´t it? I see a lot of bad reviews on Amazon for Dermaflage, but I am highly believing this is due to people that haven´t figured out how to use it correctly. Again: it is essential to use only a tiny amount and to keep the skin oil and makeup free (before application and after as well)! And it needs: practice, practice, practice!

3 weeks ago I told a friend that I actually have silicone on my frown line and she said, she can´t see it at all! Even if coming very close to my face!

I know I always feel a little awkward when I go outside and I am scared someone will notice it- but it seems nobody does! Poo! :-)

In 2014 I made a YouTube tutorial how to apply Dermaflage, skip to 6:50 to see- however back then I did 2 things different: 1. I used too much product and I used the purple pad instead of my fingers (and I sound horrible lmao). What do you know, live and learn! ;-)

Funny little site story: In 2015 I was paid for a photoshoot by Dermaflage (here are the pics) - to show the before and after results of Dermaflage - and I am to this day all over their website - but I am in no way affiliated with Dermaflage and I buy this product myself on Amazon. This post is in no way sponsored by Dermaflage (or Frownies).

So there you have it! These are the 2 things that I do to get rid of frown lines between your eyes:

1.  Sleep with Frownies

2. Apply Dermaflage during the day!

This really works, I am very happy with the result and this is so much cheaper than Botox and absolutely non- toxic as no injections are involved! Also: Dermaflage states that the box lasts for 1 month. In my opinion it lasts 3 months- because I am not wasting product with the applicator tips by Dermaflage! ;-)

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