12 recent beauty empties- which ones will I repurchase?

Hello wonderful ladies and gentlemen, πŸ’–
I have today 12 recent beauty empties and will tell you which ones I will repurchase and which ones rather not! My Lily really wanted to be in these pictures, so I decided to go with it and leave her! She certainly is quite a model, isn't she? 😻

Alright, let's start with my skin care products that I have used up!

1. Pixi Glow Tonic (17 oz $49/ 4.2 oz $18): Yes I used up a giant 17 oz bottle of this amazing toner! Formulated with 5% Glycolic Acid, Pixi's Glow Tonic toner exfoliates, brightens and smoothes skin. Aloe vera, ginseng and botanical extracts work together to nourish and treat. Repurchase? Definitely! (Although this one is a great dupe for less $$$)

2. Dr. G Aquasis Moisture Toner ($28.90): a water essence-type toner without sticky residue. I loved my travel sample of this Korean toner: it feels refreshing, balancing, smells soooo good and it is so super gentle, I can even use it on my sensitive eye area! However, this one is a bit too pricey for my taste! Otherwise I would repurchase!

3. Derma E Vitamin C Renewing Moisturizer ($19.99): This is one of my absolute favorite lightweight moisturizers in the morning! Love that it contains Vitamin C to even out my skin tone! Repurchase? YES!!!

4. Dermaflage ($25 for a refill): this is a topical silicone filler that I use to hide my frown line between my eyes. About a year ago I have started to use this every single day! Check out my tutorial here! One tube lasts for me about 3 months. 

This is basically what I do instead of Botox- but yes: it is only a temporary solution. When you take the silicone off, your wrinkle is visible again. Unfortunately you can't use it under your eyes, because you move that area too much. Works also if you have deep acne scars! Absolutely love Dermaflage and can't imagine not having it anymore. Repurchase? OF COURSE!!! I buy this in a pack of 4 to save money! 

5. Derma E Hydrating Night Cream ($23.50): This cream plumps the skin with Hyaluronic Acid, which reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and minimizes any rough or dry patches. Smells pleasant and feels super moisturizing, yet not greasy on my skin. Absolutely a great moisturizer! Would I repurchase? Yes, however, I have a couple other wonderful creams that I need to use up first! 😌

6. Frownies ($19.95): I love how autocorrect always wants to correct Frownies into Brownies! πŸ˜† I can not believe it myself- but I am sleeping now since 7 years with one of these paper triangles between my eyes (read my 5 year Frownie update with before and after picture here). Yes, during the day I smear Dermaflage (see above) on my frown line and at night I put a Frownie on top! For double the effect! πŸ‘Š So, yes I will definitely keep buying these. There are 144 patches in a box, so it lasts exactly 144 nights! πŸ˜…

And here are my hair and body product empties!

1. Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Tapioca Dry Shampoo ($5.99): the first time I tried this I absolutely hated it! My hair felt sticky and not at all clean and I couldn't with the sweet sugary scent! However, I have figured out that you have to shake this bottle REALLY WELL to make it work. Seems like the tapioca starch needs a good shake! I would still prefer Batiste over this but at least this one is cheaper. BUT I AM NOT REPURCHASING ANY DRY SHAMPOO EVER AGAIN- READ HERE WHY! 

2. Sexy hair Core Strength Hair Masque ($19.95): a lovely hair masque with Aloe Vera and Mango Butter that makes my hair feel silky and smooth. I like it! Repurchase? Probably not, but just because I feel like I can buy cheaper masks that do the same! 😏

3. Nivea deodorant ($8.50): I was feeling very nostalgic when I discovered this deodorant on Amazon. This was the deodorant I have used for years- back when I was still living in Germany! So on a whim I bought a box of 3! And what can I tell you? I like the fresh clean scent (almost like a light mens cologne) and it really helps with the stink πŸ˜†- however it is so humid in Georgia that I have problems with it completely drying under my arms. Stays wet forever and I don't like that! Still have another one to use up, but after that I won't repurchase. πŸ˜‰

4. AGEbeautiful Hair dye 9A: this is a permanent hair color proven to fight all five signs of aging hair with 100% gray coverage. You need to buy the 20% developer separate. Love this hair color- looks always natural and does not make my hair feel over-processed or dried out. Check out how I do a root touch-up! Repurchase? YES! Either this one or Loreal Preference

5. Redken frizz dismiss ($10.50 1oz): Can´t believe that this tiny bottle of 1 oz costs more than $10! What's even worse is: I don't like it at all!!! I tend to get very frizzy hair and this isn't helping at all! My hair feels coarse and hard with this- almost like a hair spray does. And I feel like every time I used it, I had a bad hair day. Skip this one! 😈

6. The Body Shop Body Butter in Satsuma ($14.99): Satsuma used to be my favorite scent from THE BODY SHOP. I don't know what happened, did my nose change πŸ‘ƒ or the formula? I find the Satsuma scent nowadays too strong! Like I am bathing in orange juice. Too much! That said the Body Butters are all fabulous, so deeply moisturizing, absolutely fantastic. I just would not choose Satsuma anymore. πŸ’

And there you have all my recent beauty empties! 

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