My most repurchased beauty products #MustHaves

Hello ladies,
I thought I share today with you my most repurchased beauty products of 2018. You might wonder, why I have no skin care or shampoo included... well, I have to admit: I am one lucky gal that gets so many products send for review, that I barely ever have to buy a moisturizer, facial cleanser or a shampoo/ conditioner... I just use my fully filled cosmetic pantry up lol!

But there are still items that I have to buy with my own money too lol. That really sounds weird... I know. I guess in a way this is even more proof, how much I must love these products, right?

In 2018 I bought

  • 2x Crest 3D Whitestrips ($49.99 for 20 uses): in my opinion these are the best to get rid of any yellowing. Easy and fast to use!
  • 3x Frownies ($21.95 for 144 patches): total must-have-  I sleep since more than 5 years with a Frownie paper-triangle between my eyes to keep me from frowning at night. I achieved major results as you can see here.
  • 4x Dermaflage ($25 for 2-3 month): I use since a couple of month Dermaflage- a topical silicone filler on the frown line between my eyes to keep me from frowning during the day. This is undetectable (looks like real skin), if applied correctly- see here how I apply it!
  • 8x Loreal Preference les blondissimes LB02 ($9.99 each) Overall my favorite hair dye that I have bought countless times in my life and that included conditioner is like no other that I have ever tried  (but I also like the AGEbeautiful line that contains very nourishing ingredients- great for mature hair). 
  • 8x Batiste Dry Shampoo ($6.99 each) I am a firm believer that I got rid of my dandruff because I stopped washing my hair so often (read here about my dandruff story). Today I wash it only every 4-5 days (SHOCKER lol!) and my scalp and hair is healthier than ever. To keep the grease out of my roots I need a good dry shampoo and I find Batiste works the best! 

What are your most repurchased beauty items?

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