How to get rid of dandruff!

I have suffered from dandruff since I can think of, but I completely got rid of it and want to tell you today how! I hope this helps you too, if you suffer from this annoying condition. I always thought that Head & Shoulders is the only thing that gets rid of it. So, I was basically an H&S addict and apparently I was not the only one: in 2017 500 million bottles were sold world wide!)

Even in my "more natural phase" in which I tried to use only natural products- I needed to use Head & Shoulders at least once a week to combat the flaking... and I tried all the natural remedies: tea tree oil, apple cider, vinegar, coconut oil... you name it! 

Nothing worked- only Head & Shoulders (well the magic is the Pyrithione Zinc in it) seemed to work on me. But today I can tell you: I got completely rid of any dandruff and I also got rid of Head & Shoulders! And how?

The funny thing is that this happened pure out of laziness! About a year ago my hair was so long, that I was really sick and tired to wash it every 2 days! It took forever! Shampooing, Conditioning (I can´t detangle my hair at all without conditioner! It is so tangled and coarse when wet, you won´t believe it!), and then the worst part: brushing and blow-drying. Ah! Dragging how much time I wasted on that... so I got a little lazy and skipped washing my hair 3 days, sometimes even 4! 

A couple years back I would have thought: 
"EOWWWW!", if you would tell me you don´t wash your hair at least every 2 days. 

And doesn´t it itch? Nope! The opposite was happening! The more I skipped washing my hair for a couple of days, the more balanced my scalp became!

You know, without Batiste dry shampoo I couldn´t do it either. It just would not look appealing. Duh! If you have never tried Batiste, you are in for a treat! This saves so much time! Party!!!

And- without even noticing- the magic happened after a couple of weeks of being "lazy": I completely forgot that I did not have to use Head & Shoulders! Like ever! Not every second wash or once a week- not at all! My scalp was healthy as can be! And still is: cause the hair I cut off since then, but I stayed with my lazy shampoo routine! ;-)

Turns out that there are several causes for dandruff such as: seborrhoeic dermatitis, not shampooing often enough, shampooing too often, scalp psoriasis, eczema, sensitivity to hair care products, or a yeast-like fungus. 

But a dry scalp is the most common cause of flaking dandruff! So, if you don´t suffer from the other conditions, chances are that you also just shampoo too often your hair and dry the sensitive scalp too much!

I dare you to try this! And don´t forget to pick up a big bottle of Batiste! ;-)

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