I can´t believe, I am celebrating my 4th blogversary (and also my 41st birthday)! Some of you know my little story of how it all began- but in case you don´t, here it is again:

I truly had no clue about blogging at all, when I started my blog in 2013! I simply needed a free platform, where I could share my insights on how to get free beauty samples. I thought it was annoying and difficult to get free beauty samples in the U.S. (really not that big of a deal in Germany...) and so I used the blogger platform to share my tips! Hence the name of my blog: beauty4free2u.com. Get it? “Beauty for FREE to you!” ;-) 

A couple of Blog Highlights:

In 2013 I wrote my - to this day - most read article (more than 360,000 times):

In 2014 I decided to switch to cruelty free beauty and created a list of cruelty free brands (updated regularly) that you guys love!

In 2014 I started also a YouTube channel and my most watched video (with more than 129,000 views is "How to remove a mole yourself".

In 2015 I created also an App to make it easier for you to find cruelty free brands on the go!

In 2015 I became "the face of dermaflage" (a topical silicone filler to fill in flaws such as frown lines or scars- read more about my photoshoot).

In 2017 I published my first e-book that sums up all the tips I have, on how to get free beauty products!

In 2017 I started also creating vintage makeup looks from the 1930s to the 1970s. Yep- that is totally my new thing! ;-)

Thank you all so much for sticking around with me! 



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