So excited to share this news with you: my first e-book is published! It contains all the tips that I know of on "How to get free beauty samples, how to get free stuff, how to become a product tester and other money saving tips". 

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The whole reason that I started to write this blog in 2013 was to share, how to get free beauty samples, because I always thought that it was pretty difficult to get free beauty samples in the U.S. (compared to Germany), and if I asked for free samples in department stores, I felt like I get “the look”. I hated that, because I really like to try products, before I purchase them. That is why and when I started to research “how to get free samples” without being looked at, as if I´m crazy.

I discovered so many tips and tricks how to get free stuff, that I wanted to share all my insights with you. Hence the name of my blog: Get it? “Beauty for FREE to you!” ;-) You know that my blog evolved since then into a beauty blog, where I also share reviews, tips and other inspirations. But those blog posts where I share tips to get free stuff, still get so much attention (this one here has had now more than 350,000 visitors!) that I thought, I am compiling all the information that I know, including some never shared before tips in one convenient e-book for you!

Anyway, I have summed up all the tips that I know, to help you to get free stuff of all sorts! I have many tips for you to get free samples per mail, how to become a product reviewer- or maybe even write a blog or start a YouTube channel yourself (because Bloggers and Youtubers get the best freebies!). In fact: since I am blogging, I don´t sample anymore, because I am getting full sized beauty products to review for free!

My e-book explains in detail how to get the best beauty samples:

  • Get Freebies per mail
  • Become a product tester, including the best consumer panels
  • Get Freebies as an Amazon reviewer
  • Get Freebies for Bloggers
  • Get Freebies for YouTubers
  • Get free shipping on Amazon, Sephora and Target
  • Get free haircuts, facials, massages and beauty classes
  • How to save money for makeup and fashion
  • How to save money on your wedding
  • The best Giveaways
  • How to stop buying everything with a little quiz
  • DIY recipes & tips to save money

My e-book will not only help you to get lot´s of free stuff into your mailbox, but also hopefully save you a ton of money!

I am not your typical coupon lady, but I tell you how to save money, and also have other unique frugal tips for you. I also include a couple of my favorite DIY recipes- because let´s face it: making your own cosmetic can save you loads of money! 

I hope you enjoy my tips and truly wish, that it will save you a ton of money! 

And here it is! It costs $2.99, available on kindle (works also if you have an Apple device, Android, Windows phone, or on your Mac or Computer if you download the free Kindle App!) 

Available as Paperback too! for $6.99!

So excited! ;-)