MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette DUPES

It´s not only tough to get your hands on the Too Faced Peach Palette (but I got an awesome dupe here) but the MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette was quicker sold out then I can count to 3. You can  "pre-order" it,  but have to wait a couple weeks to receive it. So I sat down and tried to find a couple dupes. While I really like the shades of the palette: I think most of us will have all the neutral colors somewhere in another palette. 

How to do a chemical peel at home!

I´m such a believer in chemical peels and today I like to show to you, how to do a chemical peel at home! A chemical peel can help your skin so much: it get´s rid of any dry patches, speeds up the skin cell turnover and reveals younger fresher looking skin.

Nyx Glam Liner Nude- the best eyeliner since hooded eyes!

The star of the show today is the Nyx Glam Liner in the color nude! I mean, just look at it! It is so freaking pretty, I can not even contain myself. If you also have hooded eyes you will love it even more (that means you can not really see the eyelids when your eyes are open- I got here 8 tips how to apply eye makeup if you are also from the "hood"). This liner is such an EYE OPENER- LITERALLY! It is silvery metallic and just OMG so pretty. I apply it on my eyelids and let it one minute dry so it won´t transfer into my crease. It lasts all day and I don´t know why I had to discover it so late! Such a pretty gem and you need it in your life! ;-) For around $5 nothing should be in your way to pick it up next time at your drugstore!

Ocotillo Southwest Spring Candles

I´m already a fan of Ocotillo Southwest Candles (as you can see here) because they smell fantastic and look adorable. Now check out the new Spring Collection- a great gift idea also for Mother´s Day! 

What´s in my shower?

Come and see what I have in my shower! All cruelty free of course - you know me (BTW- have you tried my free App that helps you to shop cruelty free? If you don´t have an iphone you can also find cruelty free brands here).

I know this might be a ton of stuff but I gotta admit: I just love my shower and I like to switch it up often! So here you go: let´s see everything in detail!