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How to organize underwear - the Marie Kondo way!

I was recently binge watching the Netflix series "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo". Have you watched it? There is something so very satisfying and even relaxing, seeing others tidying up their spaces, getting rid of old stuff and organizing everything. I felt highly satisfied after each little episode! And I absolutely loved the way Marie Kondo was folding things! She tells us to keep only things that "spark joy" and to get rid of things that don´t do that. She is so adorable to watch y'all!

Anyway, I am a very neat person and I like to have all my things organized- but my underwear drawer was certainly an exception! Chaos is a mild term to use for my underwear drawer (see the before picture above), but I am glad I changed that (with a little help of Marie Kondo!)

What I did was, got myself some pretty boxes, and folded all my panties the way Marie Kondo does, which is like this:

That way I am now able to see all my panties! No more chaos. I put my little "pa…

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