Best Too Faced Dupes! (Eye palettes, blushes, bronzers)

Today I have some awesome Too Faced Dupes for you. From eye palettes to blushes and bronzers! If you would buy all 12 items by Too Faced, you would have to spend $491 but if you buy my dupes, you spend only $137! Isn´t that great?

Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks discontinued?

Ever since all Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks went on Sale a couple weeks ago ($11 instead of $22!) , I was wondering, if Urban Decay is planning on discontinuing their lipstick line. One one side I wanted to stock up on these beautiful lipsticks- but I did not want to do that, if the line would be discontinued- cause I don´t want to love a lipstick that isn´t available anymore, you know?

My guess is, that this was also the reason that Urban Decay kept it at first a secret (if everybody would think like me, they would not get rid of their old lipsticks lol). But the secret is out: Urban Decay will release 100- yes you heard right- 100!!! new lipsticks

on JUNE 5th!!!

74 of those colors will be brand new.

All 3 Urban Decay Revolution formulas (matte, sheer and cream) will be gone for good and will be replaced by the all new Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. I gotta say: I really love the new design of the tubes: gold and silver looks so elegant. Also: they will retail for $17- cheaper then the Revolution lipsticks! YAY to that. 

My friend Courtney was lucky enough to be able to review 6 shades- check them out here.

Some of the biggest Beauty Guru´s got already send all 100 lipsticks- geez! Her lips must have been sore after this video! My lips hurt after doing only 5 lip swatches lol!

I´m excited to snag some!

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I got bangs!

Bangs are such a weird thing: every time I see a pretty girl with bangs, I want bangs. Then I cut myself bangs and the very next day, I wish I would not have done it. Also: I have quite frizzy and unruly hair and the shorter my hair gets, the more curly it is. Bangs take me a whole lot of work: I have to straighten them and they are annoying when I go to the pool. It´s hot and I want my hair out of my face. So, how convenient for having some clip in bangs! Ha! Tricked you! 

How to make your own Vitamin C serum!

Today I show you, how to make your own Vitamin C serum! I already explained here why you should use a Vitamin C serum and I also showed you here my favorite brand of a Vitamin C serum, but I went a step ahead now and make from now on my own Vitamin C serum.

Makeup tricks that make you look 10 years younger!

Today I have awesome makeup tricks for you that will help you look 10 years younger! At least if you suffer from one of the following issues: