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Reiki: What is it and what are the benefits?

As being part of the 2020 Vision of Beauty Influencer Tour by BestSelf Magazine I was lucky enough to try out a one hour Treatment of Reiki: energy healing and balancing the 7 chakras to help alleviate stress and remove inner blockages.

Lidia, the owner of Skin IQ Med Spa in Atlanta, gave me lots of information to read up on Reiki before my arrival in her beautiful spa.

She explained to me that she wants to focus in our session on balancing all my Seven chakras and possibly identifying if any one of them is depleted or excessively energized. 

What are chakras?
The idea of chakras developed in ancient India, as part of a spiritual practice called kundalini yoga, about 2,700 years ago. The life force energy/chi/atman of our body flows through specific lines of energy called nadis (or energy meridians in Chinese medicine). Nadis are like veins of energy that flow through living beings. In distinct places these energy lines cross one another, folding and twisting many times over to form knots…

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