Oct 30, 2014


I am happy to see that the "Give me some lip" set from Sephora is back again! It was sold out now for a couple of weeks and I did not even want to review it if you don´t get the chance to buy it.

What an awesome set to try out 6 high end lippies!

My favorite is the Nars lipgloss in Orgasm! A orange-peachy color with golden iridescent sparks in it! Gorgeous! Neutral scent.

My second favorite is the Urban Decay lipstick in Naked. This is the perfect nude shade with just the right hint of pink for my lips. I find this lipstick long wearing and very hydrating.

Next the Buxom lip gloss in White russian: a super shiny nude wet gloss with the best vanilla taste ever!

The Bite Beauty Crayon in Heritage is a wonderful lip pencil in a gorgeous berry-brownish color. It stains the lips and has fantastic staying power.

My least favorite is the Smashbox lipgloss in pout. Although it also has a very similar vanilla taste like the buxom I find the color really a bit to light and too white. But this one is maybe good to top off another darker lipstick.

Swatches left to right: Smashbox, Buxom, Nars, Bite Beauty, Urban Decay

Little site note: Marc Jacobs is not cruelty free and therefore I will not feature the included gloss. It still was a too great deal to pass on the whole set for me.

The Smasbhox gloss comes in full size and pays almost basically for the whole set (the gloss retails for $20).

The whole set costs only $25.


Or if you really can´t get enough get the Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip

I am also eying at the moment the Tarte Kiss & Belle Lipsurgence Lip Set! I love those Tarte Crayons!




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Oct 28, 2014

A Foreo Luna dupe for under $10?!?

If you are too lazy to read, you can listen to me too! :-)

I see all the time Foreo Luna Advertisements in magazines and so I was curious about it. But as soon as I googled it and saw that the Foreo LUNA Mini  costs $139 (the regular Foreo LUNAsize costs $199!) I thought, c´mon what a scam! For a little silicone thing so much money? There has to be something cheaper!

So I typed in on Amazon: "Facial pad" and it did not take me long until I found the Lucky Trendy Cleansing Pad :

For around $10 I ordered it right away! And girl, I am liking this pad so much! It is made out of silicone, feels gentle yet really massaging and is just really an inexpensive tool to get that face clean! I love it and I am so happy I found this. I just put some drops of my facial cleanser on it and girl, does this make everything nice and foamy!

You are able to hygienically store this with the little sucker and just suck it to the mirror.

Now the Foreo Luna does some fancy "movements" as there is batteries inside, so it is not really a dupe- but the "scrubbing action" can easily be made with this one.

I just can´t believe that the Foreo Luna is really worth the money, but hey: haven´t tried it yet! But I am sure happy with my little facial pad here!

After I purchased mine on Amazon I found the Precision Pore Cleansing Pad even cheaper at Sephora (only $6!).

You must get this! Best $6 you have ever spend! ;-)


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