Isn´t it super interesting to know, how much money YouTubers make? So today I have some of the best YouTube Beauty Gurus with their estimated yearly earnings for you!  Crazy to think that there is ladies & gentlemen out there, that can not only live from what they earn on YouTube- no they make really good money with it! While it is not possible to tell you, what they make for sponsorships (paid YouTube videos for reviews- on Famebit it usually is $1000 per video) and other gigs they land because they became famous, it is possible to get estimates what they make only on YouTube through the YouTube ads that play on their videos. If you are on YouTube, go ahead and check out your own channel on I found my estimates pretty darn correct. While the estimated range is for some YouTubers pretty large- you can say that they will probably all be a little more on the higher end of the range.

Strangest Skin Care Ingredients!

Who does not want to find a little magic to slow down that aging process? Nothing new- everybody wants to look forever young. Many women reach to Botox, some speak open about it and some do it secretly. We still don´t really know about the dangers though and not everybody can afford it (I am scared it has long term side effects AND I can´t afford it). So it is only natural to find the next best thing. Skin care brands try constantly to find new ingredients that work just as good and might be the magic that we need. The craziest ingredients get packed into our skin care because...oh well maybe it works...or it just sounds really intriguing? The 3 craziest skin care ingredients that I have tried are: diamonds, gold and truffles. But do they really work?

Smokey eyes for hooded eyes tutorial

If you have hooded eyes, you probably know the struggle to achieve a nice smokey eye? If you don´t have hooded eyes, or don´t know what that is: it basically means that you can not see the crease of your lid when your eyes are open- they are "hidden"- only looking down makes them visible. You can be born with this "feature" or you might get hooded eyes as you get older because our skin tends to sag and then we are all in the same neighborHOOD lol. This is pretty common and I have more Tips on how to apply eyeshadow on hooded eyes here but today I show you how to achieve a smokey eye on hooded eyes. Typically us girls "in the hood" don´t have that much space to work with, which is why we have to work a little different than the girls with lot´s of space and big eyes. But it is all doable! ;-)

Best Cruelty Free Hair Creams for Dry Hair!

Mama got some dry hair, I tell you! I always need some kind of leave in treatment after washing my hair and here are my top 6 cruelty free hair creams/lotions for dry hair! 

Best Cruelty Free Skin Care Brands!

In my (almost) 3 years of blogging I have tried many, many skin care brands, including very expensive creams and potions (some of them did cost hundreds of dollars- my most expensive cream included diamond powder for $499!). But while it is fun to try all these- the best skin care does not mean it has to be the most expensive and so today I present to you my Top 5 best cruelty free skin care brands!