I think it has been FOREVER, since I shared with you my skin care routine! Since I am now over 40, I try to really use only the best and most effective anti-aging ingredients! I also have to try out a lot of skin care products, because I get send so much, so that always throws me off...but here is what I currently do in the morning. I will have my night routine up soon as well. I pretty much reduced and simplified the amount of products I use, since I only want to use products that are most effective in my anti-aging regime! 

MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation & Primer Review

I have read sooo many reviews about the MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation! I read that Makeup artists like to use this foundation for bridal makeup, because it would outlast even the longest day- dance, sweat and cry proof I hear! So, is it really that good?


Goodbye Schmusie... I miss you so much and the worst thing is, that I don´t even know what happened to you! We adopted you 5 years ago. You were already 5 years old- we actually wanted a kitten, but when I saw you and touched you, you immediately licked my hand, I fell in love... and so we brought you home. You had already 2 previous owners and your last owner wasn´t really happy...

VICTORIA BECKHAM x Estee Lauder Makeup Collection 2017

I was really curious about the new Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Makeup Collab and so I headed yesterday together with the hubs to my Sephora, to see the makeup line life. However: I was quiete dissapointed to find out, that NO! there was no display and the employees have never heard about this line! They even told me that this is not sold at Sephora. When I showed these employees on my Sephora App that it is sold online on the Sephora website, they were very surprised. LOL! They send me over to Macy´s- maybe the Estee Lauder counter would have a display. And what happened there?