May 22, 2015

What is the best Vitamin C serum?

A good Vitamin C serum is essential in your anti aging skin care routine! It is the best antioxidant to reverse brown spots and keep the skin young and fresh. I also apply it always on my decollete and on the back of my hands. If you are above 30 I highly recommend to use a Vitamin C serum every morning (no need to use it in the night as Vitamin C needs sunlight to be "active").

I´ll explain more why Vitamin C serum is important in this video:

I tried 10 different Vitamin C serums and today I will compare them and tell you which Vitamin C serum is the best!

I tried: (pictured below in this order): Valentia Even Glow, Insta Natural, Amara, Paula´s choice Resist Ultra Light, Ole Henriksen Pure Truth, Mystelic, Paula´s choice Resist C15, belitae, Isa Professional Xanadu, Murad Essential C).

Here is how I evaluated my winner:

  1. Does the product contain 20 % Vitamin C?
  2. Is the product reasonably priced?
  3. Does the packaging provides stability of the product (meaning that no light get´s into the package because that will destroy the active Vitamin C!). It was very interesting to see that Paula´choice uses a clear glass dropper for the Resist C15 Serum because she is very good in evaluating other companies (in her Beautypedia data bank) and ranks them bad if they use a clear packaging. Double standards?
  4. What is the consistency (gel, cream, liquid, oil) is personal preference but a liquid is preferable as it is the easiest way to apply and does not intervene with other products in your skin care routine. 
  5. Does the product have a scent? The scent is also personal preference. While I do love some citrus scent- this has no saying if it is a "good" Vitamin C serum as Vitamin C has naturally (ironically) no scent to it. You can find in the list below, if the product has a scent but I did not to choose this point for my ranking.  
  6. Does the product contain other beneficial (anti aging) ingredients. This is also personal preference as you might react bad to some ingredients, have allergies etc. Hyaluronic Acid or Ferulic Acid are ingredients that plump the skin and are favorable in my opinion.
Here is my rank list, starting with place 10 and moving down to place 1- my winner!


THE WINNER: belitae Vitamin C Serum

So there you have it: the belitae Vitamin C Serum is my absolute winner! It does contain 20 % Vitamin C, it is reasonably priced ($12.99), comes in an elegant dark blue glass dropper in an easy to apply liquid, has no scent and contains also plumping Hyaluronic Acid!

Check out also my YouTube video!

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