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Why Pinterest is suspending WRONGFULLY thousands of accounts!

My Pinterest Account has been suspended (about a month ago) and I have tried literally EVERYTHING to get it reactivated - but nothing has worked. I am on Pinterest since 2013, I had more than 15k followers and 600k page views/month! I created thousands of pins!

Here is what happened:

On 09-11 I was unable to pin any images from my own website  with the following error: “We blocked this link because it may lead to inappropriate content.” (see below)

I read very careful through all Pinterest guidelines and I am not aware of what could have caused this. I did not even pin that much lately. I really don’t know what caused this, but I am a real person, not a spammer and I do not try in any way to “trick the system” etc. I don't use Pinterest for anything like spamming or anything like that. I was absolutely devastated!

After appealing this decision multiple times and receiving the same automated response over and over, I was informed on 09-16 that in addition to that my website was bl…

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