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My Anti-Aging Skin Care Must-haves!

I have today for you my anti-aging skin care must-haves!

1. Dermaflage ($40 first time, then $20 for a single applicator- this is enough for 2-3 month): this is my little secret (not anymore!) to cover up the frown line between my eyes! It is basically a silicone filler to fill in gaps such as scars or wrinkles! See here how I do it!

2. Frownies ($20 for 144 patches- that is more than 4 month!): not at all a secret anymore: I am talking about Frownies all the time and I sleep since more than 5 years every single night with one paper triangle between my eyes. It has helped tremendously to smooth out my frown line! See here my before and after pictures!

3. Vitamin C Serum ($16 enough for 3-4 month). I swear by a quality Vitamin C serum- preferably with 20% Vitamin C and water based. I use one every morning since a couple years and it has helped me getting rid of some brown spots on my face and my skin tone looks overall much more even. See my before and after pics here.

4.  Retinol Cre…

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