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Healthier and stronger hair & nails from the within with KeraHealth & Giveaway!

Beautiful hair comes not just from good hair care products- it is also so important what we put inside of our bodies! Our hair needs certain minerals, vitamins and very importantly keratin to be strong and healthy! A healthy balanced diet is obviously key- but we can also help by adding supplements! Today I like to talk about KeraHealth- a dietary supplement developed in France, that includes everything your hair needs, including their exclusive ingredient KerCysteine, which is clinically shown to help reduce hair loss!

You need only 2 capsules a day that provide you with:

KerCysteine (500mg)

A naturally sourced, highly ingestible form of keratin, KerCysteine provides the body with all the necessary 18 amino acids necessary to retain and stimulate hair follicles to growth whilst improving hair strength and brightness. KerCysteine is a highly absorbable form of naturally sourced, clinically tested keratin that his exclusive to KeraHealth!


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