REAL TECHNIQUES Blend + Blur Brush Review

Today I have a review of the new Real Techniques Blend + Blur brushes for you! These immediately remind me on the (also new) Artis Makeup BrushCraft Collection (the more affordable line by Artis) with their matte/satin black handles and the curved design. And how do they perform?

REN Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum Review

Today I have a review of the new REN Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum for you! What it is: a silicone-free, serum-to-primer formula that smooths, visibly lifts, reduces pore size, and naturally primes skin. Let´s see what I think of this!

WUNDERLIFT 60 Second Wrinkle Reducer Review & BEFORE/AFTER PICTURES!

I have tried the Wunderlift 60 second wrinkle reducer and will tell you today my thoughts on this instant wrinkle remover (that is one of my favorite products to try haha cause I need it!). Its Flex-Tensor Technology promises to instantly reduce eye wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles under eyes with long lasting effects, up to 8 hours! Does this really work? I sure hope!

Eyelid tape for hooded eyes- does this really work?

Have you heard about eyelid tape for hooded eyes? Well, I gave this a try and tell you today what I think of it. I think this "thing" started in Asia- since mono-lids or hooded eyelids are even more common over there- so it is actually nothing new, but still not everybody knows about these. Well, I have hooded eyelids myself (if you are not familiar with the term: it means that my eyelids are hidden in my "hood" of my eyes and you can only see them, if I close my eyes.) Can you see on the picture above on which one I have eyelid tape on and on which one not? Yes? No? I tell you in a few! ;-)