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Jaclyn Hill lipstick drama & macro shots of the complete lipstick collection! #JaclynHilllipsticks

Have you heard about the Jaclyn Hill lipstick drama? Jaclyn Hill (a famous YouTube Beauty Guru- in case you don´t know) just released a 20 shade range of nude lipsticks, but people ordering them are complaining all over social media, to have received fuzzy, gritty or moldy lipsticks. A friend of mine bought the whole collection and kindly send me all her up-close pictures of the lipsticks that I will also include in this post.

RawBeautyKristi (another YouTube Beauty channel) even went so far to show the little hairs and little "balls" in a video under a microscope. But please let´s not forget: everything looks crazier under a microscope! Your own skin would look scary under a microscope!

Jaclyn Hill seems to have constantly bad luck with her makeup releases- who remembers the Becca eyeshadows that were apparently dry and patchy and got pulled from Sephora shortly after their release (I wrote about it here) and the recent Morphe eyeshadows seemed to have quality inconsistenc…

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