I swear by Glycolic Acid! Honestly: I think it is better than the (in the mature beauty community) overhyped Retin-A! And today I have the best glycolic acid peels for you and yes: I have an option for every wallet (starting with $12!) ;-)

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What happens chemically, if you use Glycolic Acid?

Ok, here is the magic: the Glycolic Acid reacts with the top layer of skin, breaking it down by dissolving sebum and other substances that bind cells together. And why do we want that? Because dead skin cells are sloughed off revealing smoother, brighter, younger looking skin!

When we are young, our skin automatically does that- that is why our skin looked so good! But the older we get, the slower is the process. Our skin wants to keep all that old looking skin- but that does not look good! ;-) Ha! And that is why we need to use products, that help to get rid of this old looking skin!


A word of caution: if you have never used Glycolic Acid, please start with a low concentration- not higher than 10 %. In fact: I am used to Glycolic Acid and I still keep it with the 10%. This stuff can be dangerous, if used improper! You can seriously damage your skin and can burn your skin! I think it should be illegal to sell anything above 20 %! Yes! That is my opinion! I rather say to use it more often, (even daily with a low percentage of 10 % or under) than to use it every couple weeks or month with a percentage that is above 20 %. DON`T! I repeat: this is dangerous. YouTube it and you will see girls, that seriously injured themselves with Glycolic Acid.

So while I swear by Glycolic Acid, you must respect it and use it wisely. Please check out this tutorial here how to apply a chemical peel as well and be very careful. If it feels uncomfortable in any way: wash it off earlier! Better early than sorry!

What are the benefits of using Glycolic Acid?

If used regularly, you will get very even, exfoliated skin, it also helps to get rid of blemishes, reduces fine lines, helps to get rid of acne scars (cause we are slow by slow getting rid of those top skin layers- but be patient!) and it also helps to minimize those enlarged pores. Need to say more? No? 

Well, now you know that you need it in your life, right?

Product Recommendations

And here are some product recommendations for you- for every wallet size (from $12-$85)! What I also absolutely love is, that you can get Glycolic Acid in different solutions- however you prefer: easy peasy and ready soaked pads? Or do you prefer a nice facial mask? Liquid, foamy, creamy? Feeling lazy and just want to leave it on overnight? There are so many options and I am sure you will find your favorite one too! 

But: personally I don´t recommend to use Glycolic Acid in a facial cleanser, because that is not very effective, since you are only washing your face a couple of seconds and then the wonderful Glycolic Acid is only on your skin for such a short amount of time, that it can not really do anything.

As always all my choices are of course cruelty free (find more cruelty free brands)

Glycolic Acid Toners:

Derma e Radiance Toner $15
Pixi Glow Tonic $15

Glycolic Acid Ready Soaked Pads:

Glycolic Acid Face Masks:

Glycolic Acid Leave on overnight:

Glycolic Acid Peels:

What is your favorite glycolic acid peel?

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