Today I have the best cruelty free skin care products for you! They are of course all cruelty free! If you are an avid reader of this blog, you will know that I have tried this year again so, so many skin care items. Even though, I try to only include in this list THE best of the best. And I tell you: The most important skin care item that you MUST include into your skin care routine to fight aging is

for sure Glycolic acid. In my opinion that is the one item that you truly need. Literally, if you would ask me for example "I don´t have much money, but want to invest in the best anti aging product"- my recommendation would be: use Glycolic Acid. And yes, I think it is better than Retinol or its bigger (scarier) brother Retin-A. I will soon tell you why. ;-)

Let´s find out which items are my winners! From left to right (no particular order):

1. Waterwipes. Wow, check the ingredients: These wipes contain absolutely no chemicals, just 99.9% water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract – a natural skin conditioner. I like to use these to get rid of my makeup on my neck and chest at night, because washing in the sink can create such a mess. I also like to use them on my eye area if the facial cleanser did not get rid of all the eye-makeup. I am so happy I found these wipes! If you use waterproof mascara, these will unfortunately not be strong enough- so keep that in mind.

2. Frownies are definitely - right after Glycolic Acid, my second most important anti aging product that I NEED!  Why? Find out here why!

3. Paula´s choice Resist Perfectly Balanced Anti-Aging Face cleanser is still my favorite face cleanser. It is mild, doesn´t sting my sensitive eyes, but still get´s the job done. Foams nicely and makes my skin feel clean but not dried out.

4. Paula´s choice Resist Retinol serum is also still my favorite choice for getting Retinol into my skin- although as explained earlier: Glycolic Acid has an even bigger effect in my opinion- but I don´t want to miss out on the benefits of Retinol either. So, I use both! Can´t get enough of anti-aging lol ;-)

5. Scrubbing face pad. Yes. You need this. Point.

6. Derma e Microdermabrasion scrub. BEST SCRUB EVER! The little scrubbing particles retextorize my skin and make it feel super smooth and silky. This is a much more affordable dupe for the MD Goldfaden scrub that retails for $75- let´s face it: who can afford that, right? But I admit, here and there I also grab myself the Acure brightening facial scrub that is black as the night and smells like licorice- and is even cheaper! ;-)

7. Derma e Hyaluronic Acid. I like this serum so much! Hyaluronic Acid is great to plump up our tired skin and make it look less dull and even out some of the fine lines. This one is also hydrating- not in a greasy way. Very light weight and smells delicious citrusy. It is also cheaper than the one by Paula´s choice, so I switched!

8. Derma e  Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask - what a fabulous mask! This is great for oily to combination skin to deep cleanse your face. Smells fresh and dries quick- within 5-10 minutes- plus when you wash it off ,you get your extra clean as the mask reveals itself into a fabulous scrub. Great stuff!

9. MyChelle sunscreen -this is a great sunscreen for everyday that stays matte- even if it is hot and humid. 

10. Derma e Firming DMAE Eye Lift- my eyes need always a little more hydration than the rest of my face but please: without being greasy or shiny. Love this eye cream!

11. belitae Vitamin C serum- also one of THE anti-aging ingredients that you need in your life! Antioxidants can reverse brown spots and even out your skin tone! Use every morning and you will see results! If I am not too lazy, I also make my own Vitamin C serum with this recipe.  (discontinued, try instead: DERMA-E, Vitamin C Concentrated Serum)

13. ASDM Beverly Hills Glycolic Acid 10%- as stated before. This. Is. What. You. Need. Please be careful with the percentage. Don´t you ever use more than 20%! Too dangerous. I repeat: too dangerous! And even if you slowly move your way up to 20%- do it ever so careful and rather wash it off too early than too late! This can cause serious damage! Personally I stick to my 10%. Read more here.

14. ASDM Beverly Hills Face pads- these are mild enough to use on a daily (I should say nightly) basis and will give you more clarity. Super simple as these are ready to use!



Derma e is one of my huge winners of the year as they are available in your drugstore, offer fabulous anti aging products to a price that is absolutely worth it. They just changed their packaging, so don´t get confused, if my photos look different. You should definitely check them out.

If I break down the most important skin care items to fight aging- cause maybe your wallet does not allow you to buy all these things- or you are too lazy for all the steps- well in that case I list only those, that I think make the biggest impact on my skin:

1. Glycolic Acid- or ready to use pads

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