Physicians Formula Argan Wear blush, powder & Sexy Boost Cat Eyes Mascara Review

I wanted to share today my experience with you of a couple of items by Physicians Formula, which is a cruelty free, affordable drugstore brand (find more cruelty free brands here) - and yes: they smell... 

REALLY BEAUTIFUL! OK with scent it´s either you like it, or you hate it- but personally I really love it! It gives this vibe of an expensive makeup item (the real luxurious makeup brands like Kevyn Aucoin seem to always use fragrance as you can see here). It is a rich perfume scent- pretty strong as well. If this turns you off, you can easily get rid of the scent with spraying on some rubbing alcohol and leave the powder open over night.

And isn´t the packaging just so beautiful? I love that it is gold, it feels elegant and sturdy. Physicians Formula powders and blushes always include a great mirror inside and a (for me unusable lol) brush for on the go.

The Physicians Formula Argan Wear blush and the Physicians Formula Argan Wear powder both have a glittery shimmer overlay- have no fear if you are not in the mood of some girly glitter party- a gentle swipe with your makeup brush will remove that easily- but it is neat to look at! You know what I always do with these overlays? I use them as an eyeshadow. I only have the pleasure once or twice cause it is really just an overspray- and then I am actually quite bummed it is all gone- but at the end I really don´t want no glitter on my face.

Look how pretty that blush is! It includes literally 3 different blush colors and you could -if you wanted -use them separately- maybe even as eyeshadows? Well I am too lazy for that and just swipe over the whole thing to get my blush going.

Also: the Physicians Formula Sexy Boost Cat Eyes Mascara is not only pretty cute too look at- the wand is a really fat plastic one that separates my lashes and yes gives me volume. This is my favorite cruelty free drugstore mascara for sure.

On this picture I´m wearing all 3 products by Physicians Formula!

We are btw in the middle of moving to our new place. These photos I took last week. I´m sitting here in an almost empty house while my husband is still packing and I have the patience and guts to write on my blog about makeup! LOL! On Monday we will officially sleep at the new place that needs some serious TLC!!!

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