Today is an important day! I know, it´s Independence Day- but much more important (to me): it´s my blogs 3rd birthday! I have learned so much in these 3 years and have seen bloggers come and go. I think the most important thing if you like to start a blog yourself is: keep going. So many stop within the first year. But, you have to keep going and be consistent and find your niche to be successful. 

A couple of Highlights:


I started my blog in July 2013 and to be honest, I had no clue whatsoever that blogging was a "thing" at all! I only wanted to share my insights, that I acquired on "how to get free beauty samples" and I needed a free website for that - and quite frankly that is what blogger offered me! This post is one of my most read posts with over 300.000 views to this day- but I have a whole series on how to get free beauty products! 

A couple weeks later a company send me beauty items for review and I realized, how much fun I had to write about them. I was BTW at first super shy! I did not post any photos of me for many many month- can you believe it? This was one of my first posts of my face (only one of my eyes and my lips are visible! LOL!)

At the end of 2013 I entered the Studio Gear Holiday Hottie Contest and I won 2nd place! That gave me a little more confidence for sure. 


In May of 2014 I stumbled on Phyrra´s blog and realized, how many awesome brands out there are cruelty free and decided also to switch! I created also a list of cruelty free brands that I update constantly. Since switching to cruelty free brands I have gotten many, many new readers. 


In 2015 I was also asked by New Chapter (a supplement brand) for an interview and they flew me in to New York for a couple days- all expenses paid with a hotel right in Manhattan! Wow! Weirdly they never did anything with the interview (that was filmed!), so I have no clue if I sucked or whatever happened. But the memory of the (free) trip stays! ;-)

A photo posted by Sissi Nuthman (@beauty4free2u) on

In July 2015 I became "the new face of Dermaflage" (a topical dermal silicon filler). I am all over their website! I actually was the one who pitched Dermaflage in 2014 that I like to try their product in return for a review. Originally the product was advertising to fill in scars but I had the idea of filling my frown line (between my eyes) with it. See more about my photoshoot here. FYI: I was paid for the photoshoot but I am not affiliated and don´t make any money off the product.

In November 2015 I created the App Go Cruelty Free (available on all Apple devices) that will help you shopping cruelty free on the go! Try it out! It´s free! I think it is very funny that thousands of people use an App with my cat´s face on it! My Schmusie! ;-)


In May 2016 I met Courtney from Phyrra.net - she was so kind to meet me in person (read my interview here). I would never have thought, that I would ever see her in real life! ;-) It just happens to be that she lives only 45 minutes from me. 


I have hosted 90 Giveaways in these 3 years (adding today another one!) and wrote now 624 blog posts! I have had now more than 1,130,000 pageviews with more then 341,900 users. Currently I have more then 50,000 pageviews each month.

Anyway: thanks for sticking around and supporting me! Without you, this blog would not have grown like it did! You inspire me and give me energy and power and really.... just something to do! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you! And of course I will host today another:


Open International!

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