I already shared with you  "How to get free stuff to review as a blogger" and today I am sharing with you how to get free products for review, if you are a YouTuber!

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You need a minimum of 1000 subscribers on YouTube, to be able to sign up with them. It is not easy to get a sponsorship though for small YouTubers. I only landed once a sponsorship. Not only does Famebit include many sponsorships to get free products for review, but you also can earn money.

Keep your bid low, if you have not many subscribers. I recommend staying under $100,  if you have less then 5000 subscribers, but feel free to bid whatever you think you deserve! ;-) It is highly important to write a professional "proposal" to the brand and that your YouTube channel really fits to the product you like to review.

You have to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers on YouTube and at least 1000 views on all your videos that are older than 30 days. 

Or you can join with an Instagram account if you have more than 5000 followers. Octoly offers an awesome product variety and even includes high end brands. 

 Tomoson is not only for YouTubers, but also for Bloggers. You can select on which social media platforms you like to publish your review. You can also choose, if you like to get paid. But the company decides if they accept your bid. Of course it is easier if you only want the free product and no money! ;-)

Grapevine offers a wide selection of products for review! This year they hosted a huge campaign for It-cosmetics and gave out hundreds of big makeup boxes to review (It was called: "IT Girl Contest")

Created by Michelle Phan this platform ipsyOS is your community and creative space for learning, sharing, and self-expression and sometimes you are able to sneek some products for review as well (or win in a competition). They just gave out a couple hundred of the brand new Too Faced Chocolate Bar Bon Bon (will be released on December 8th)!

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