Best Influencer websites to get free stuff & make money!

I get a ton of free stuff (as you can see on my Instagram) and you might wonder, how do I get all these products? So today I like to share with you the best Influencer websites to get free stuff and - in some cases- even make money!

After all, this is how I started this whole blog in 2013 with my article: How to get free makeup & beauty products.

1. Octoly

Octoly offers full sized high end products from luxury brands to you! Lancome, Kevyn Aucoin, Estee Lauder- all in there!

What are the requirements to join?

You need 5,000 followers if you are a beauty, fashion & lifestyle focused Instagram Influencer and post at least 5+ posts per week.

You need 1000 subscribers to join as a YouTuber and have at least 1,000 views per video after 30 days.

If you are in, you are welcome to a shop full of products that your heart desires. Order, wait if the brand approves you, get the item and review it!

You can even make money (though only as a gift card for either Sephora or Amazon) for referring brands or new Influencers! Join here!

2. AspireIQ

This is a new platform I am using and it has been amazing! Amazing brands to work with - if you are an Instagram Influencer as well as if you are a YouTube content creator. Some collabs are only for free product but many are also paid! Examples of brands are: COOLA, Sally Beauty, Maybelline. Join here!

3. Shopping Links

Another new platform to me that has great collaborations with great brands- paid and upaid! Examples of brands are: Bealls Florida, Spanx, 1-800 Baskets. Join here!

4. Trendship

This platform has a lot of fashion items (cute fashion and accessories such as jewelry) but also a bunch of beauty items and even home & decor items. Can´t make any money on here and no big brands, but great if you anyway need the items! ;-) Join here!

5. Socialix

This platform offers all kinds of products (beauty, food, fitness) overall smaller and lesser known brands. There is the possibility to get paid as well, but think on the lower end of the payment scale. ;-) Join here!

6. Brandbacker

This platform has been around since years. There are not a lot of campaigns but sometimes good ones. You can also make a little money for some collabs! Examples of brands are: Evian, Peter Thomas Roth, Jan Marini. Join here!

7. Heartbeat

This platform has a couple of easy campaigns for Instagram Influencers. The payment is low but based on an algorithm they create. I have for example 32k followers on Instagram and they want to pay me $30. Pretty low! Examples of brands: Tampax! Join here!

8. Blog Meets Brand

This platform does not have many campaigns but sometimes really good paid ones (depending on your follower/engagement rate). I have gotten a couple really good ones on here. Lesser known and smaller brands, good pay! Join here!

9. Social Fabric

This platform has really a lot of campaigns with really well know brands- from beauty to food to tech products. The pay can be low to fair. However, I have gotten only once into a campaign (for cat food) and it seems the competition is huge.

The application process to get into a campaign is also a pain in the ass. ;-) They want you to literally write an essay to get into the program. Then you do and bam. Still not accepted. So I kinda gave up on them but want to mention them in case you are luckier than me! ;-) Good luck and join here!

10. Clever

Pretty decent paid campaigns (ranging from $300-$600) such as for the Dove beauty bar- however I also have not been lucky to get into a campaign. Try your luck here!

11. Activate

This platform by bloglovin has a bunch of campaigns from food to beauty. Some paid some unpaid. It often requires you to pick your payment rate. But the competition is again huge and it is hard to get into the good paid campaigns (often paid as high as $1000). Join here!

12. Trend

This is an App (only on Apple devices). The payment is staggered. You start with $25 for 4 completed campaigns, then you get $45 for campaign 5-8. Then you reach $65 per campaign. The payment via Paypal is FAST (within 30 minutes of posting a pic on Instagram! What? Wow!) Some really decent products too! Download the App here!

13. Brandsnob

This platform is also available as App and offers both: free product and paid collabs (payment per Instagram post between $50-$100). Smaller, lesser known brands. Join here or get the App!

Do you have another website for Influencers to get free stuff or make money? Let me know, so I can add them to my list! ;-)