Don't buy from Temu (the new Shein...)

I have gotten lately a ton of emails from Temu to collaborate with them. I had no clue about the existence of Temu before those emails. While checking out their website, I immediately knew this is some BS website. 

Temu states that they are an online marketplace that offers the most competitively priced fashion, décor, jewelry, home, and pet supplies that are 50% cheaper than identical products on similar shopping sites! They commit to providing customers with top-quality products at ultra-affordable prices – alleviating the stress of shopping and purchasing daily necessities!

Top quality! LOL!!! 😆

I will certainly not collaborate with them and please do not order from Temu! Why, you ask?

This is a super fishy website! They kind of pretend to be located in the US (Boston, MA), but the shipments are all coming from China!

The website feels like Shein, looks like Shein, it smells like Shein. Who knows, it might be the same people behind the website to revamp a new business, as Shein has gotten a ton of bad backlash. On Temu you can buy super cheap crap that seems to good to be true. 

Before you order from Temu, please read the reviews on BBB
People are NOT HAPPY with their purchases:
  • they are getting wrong orders
  • wrong sizes
  • packages are getting lost
  • people are not getting refunds (even if packages are lost)
  • clothes have holes, missing zippers and on and on…

Temu does all the same things wrong that Shein does: they steal ideas from fashion designers and replicate it with low quality clothes, create clothes and other things that you get to use maybe twice before it goes to the landfill… and while I can not proof this at the moment it is pretty clear to me that they are certainly polluting the environment while producing their cheap synthetic materials (such as viscose, polyester etc.). 

But wait: there is one more reason not to buy from Temu: Did you know that Google suspended the App of the parent company Pinduoduo in the beginning of this year after malware was found in their App? You better be careful downloading that Temu app! I personally would not trust them! 

Obviously such cheap prices go hand in hand with exploitation of employees, overwork, maybe child labor. There is a reason this site is so cheap!

So, please: do not buy from Temu (or Shein or Wish etc!). Read about Shein in this article.