9 recent beauty empties- which ones will I immediately restock?

Here are 9 recent beauty empties- which ones will I immediately restock?

Let's start with my body care/skin care empties:

A super refreshing body wash that smells like peppermint and contains little scrub particles. Love it!

2. Ivory Clean Body Wash Original // Amazon

Really enjoyed this very gentle, moisturizing body wash. Smells fresh and clean without being overpowering. Gentle enough to use on my face too! My only complaint: I find the consistency a bit watered down. I wish it would have a thicker, more gel-like consistency. I would still repurchase though. Very affordable at Walmart!

3. Derma e Jasmine & Vanilla Ultra Moisturizing Shea Body Lotion // Amazon

This is a fantastic thick, deeply moisturizing body lotion! Love the hint of Jasmine scent (the Vanilla scent was not apparent to me)!

4. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Sunscreen Touch SPF 30 // Amazon

I always come back to this sunscreen! Goes on super lightweight, smells like a beach vacation. I do not care too much about the little gold glitter inside though- neither me nor the planet needs this.

I am so sick of thick mineral sunscreens that leave a white cast lol. Read here why I do not believe that mineral sunscreen is always better. 

5. Nivea Creme MADE IN GERMANY // Amazon

I always have a big blue tin of Nivea-goodness in my home. I mainly use it before going to bed on my feet for baby soft feet! Read 7 AMAZING USES OF NIVEA & WHY I PREFER NIVEA MADE IN GERMANY!

6. GLAMGLOW Youthmud Exfoliating Mud Mask // Amazon

I really enjoyed this detoxifying face mask! However, it has a weird consistency, not really smooth and contains little strange fluffy pieces, almost like paper pieces. Also: I think there are more affordable masks out there that do the same! I prefer the Derma e Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Face Mask or the innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask.

Here are my hair care empties:

1. L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference Hair Color, 9.5A Lightest Ash Blonde // Amazon

2. Thermafuse Heatsmart Serum dry oil treatment // Amazon

This was a great hair oil that lasted me for years! I take just one drop, rub it between my palms and apply it only on the ends of my hair for some extra shine. The product seems now discontinued and I switched to: ALOXXI Restorative Hair Serum with 7 Essential Botanical Oil Blend and love it!

3. Derma e Recover & Repair Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask // Amazon

A deep conditioning hair mask with Argan oil. Smells like lemongrass which I find invigorating! Love it and affordable too!

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