Trash talk time: here are my 15 recent beauty empties!

Let's start with my body care empties:

1. Bath Essence by Lidl with Eucalyptus & Rosemary

Super affordable but so good! If you have a Lidl around I suggest you give this a try! Foams up nicely and smells good (real essential oils!). I have already repurchased (these go out of stock fast and I always grab 3 bottles if I see them).

2. Nivea Men Cool Body Wash Menthol & Yuzu // Amazon

Husband and me we used this together. I love a good fresh mens body wash- especially during summer. So refreshing. Love the scent and that it does not feel drying. My husband however, was complaining it doesn't foam up enough. I would still repurchase- and use alone! 

3. Algemarin Shower Gel // Amazon

My friend from Germany sent me another bottle of my favorite body wash. Love it so much!

4. Clayton Shagal Body Cream

This body lotion feels almost like an oversized tube of a makeup primer- you know it gives this instant slip and makes the skin feel so nice and soft. No scent- so this is great for all the fragrance sensitive gals out there!

5. The Body Shop Grapefruit hand cream // Amazon

A great hand cream that I put on my work desk to get fast hydration without making my fingers so greasy that I can not type anymore and ruin my keyboard. The grapefruit scent is very strong- I find it invigorating- my son hates it. LOL!

6. Kneipp Bath Oil Argan & Marula // Amazon

I love Kneipp bath oils! This one does not foam up though- my only complaint. My favorite is Valerian & Hops.

Here are my hair care empties:

My scalp does not currently have any issues- so I can't really talk about the scalp relieving claims. The shampoo makes my hair feel clean and the conditioner makes my hair feel soft. I am however not the biggest fan of the Tea Tree Oil scent. 

2. L'Oreal Paris Superior Preference 9.5A // Amazon

Back to my favorite hair color! I did yesterday a brand spanking new root touch-up (read here how I do it). Looks great!

Here are my skin care empties:

1. Derma e Anti-Wrinkle Toner with Vitamin A Glycolic Acid // Amazon

I really enjoyed this toner. It contains Glycolic Acid but feels very gentle and balancing.

2. Derma e Ultra Hydrating Alkaline Cloud Cleanser // Amazon

This is a self-foaming facial cleanser and it is super gentle. I like the light fresh scent. It is not strong enough to remove makeup- especially if I wear foundation.  Therefore I like to keep it in my shower and just use it for a light super gentle cleanse in the morning.

3. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Ultra-Soft Cleansing Towelettes // Amazon

I know, I know. All the skin care specialists scream: do not use makeup wipes. I do not care. I still like to keep them around. I do not use them daily but for certain circumstances- especially if I have foundation on my neck and do not want to make a whole mess in my sink at night. Sometimes if I wear heavier eye makeup, this is a quick simple solution too. However, I bought these Neutrogena wipes the first time and did not enjoy them very much, because they were feeling very oily. They did get the job done and removed all the makeup but left my skin with an oily feeling that I do not like. For this reason I will not repurchase these (I like much better the Beekman 1802 Pure Goat Milk Facial Cleansing Wipes)

Here are some random beauty empties:

1. Dominique Creamy Fill and Define Lip Liner // Nordstrom

I loved this creamy lip liner. I totally used it also to fill in my lips and the shade (Crush) is the perfect nude without looking washed out! Only complaint: this went empty fast!!!

2. Billion Dollar Brows On Point Waterproof Micro Eyebrow Pencil // Amazon

This was great! Love a micro eyebrow pencil and this one goes on smooth and fast and easy. I would repurchase (I used the color taupe) but have another one to use up first.

3. Dermaflage topical silicone filler // Amazon

I use this to fill-in my frown line between my eyes (read here how I do it). Love it so much. I have already repurchased because I use it every day. I buy the 4 pack now because it is cheaper!

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