Instagram Reels: Earn up to $800 with bonuses!

A couple of days ago I got this pop-up window when opening up my Instagram App. Say what? Instagram is now paying creators up to $800 for creating Reels- the opportunity is only available until October 28.

Seems like Instagram is trying to beat TikTok- just like they beat successfully Snapchat a couple of years ago with their Instastories.

Not everybody will get this notification- you have to be a creator and obviously create Reels. 

While this is an exciting new opportunity to monetize on Instagram, I have not yet signed up for this. Why, you ask? I find it strange that I have to give them my SNN!!! I mean just signing up for the program does not in any way guarantee the $800! It does not mean at all you get paid- and since Instagram is owned by Facebook I am feeling very suspicious about it all. Like they want all that data and who knows what they are going to do with this? Sell the information? 

Look at all the info Instagram wants- without a guarantee you are getting paid!?

I do fill out a W9 for companies I work with and they do receive my SNN- but only AFTER signing a contract that I do in fact get paid.

In this case Instagram wants my data without a contract or any guarantee that I get any money at all. And I am sorry, I do not have a good feeling about this and that is why I have not signed up for the program yet.

Did you get this notification too and how do you feel about this?