How much does Instagram pay for Reels Bonuses?

So, how much money can you actually make with Instagram Reels bonuses? I was very hesitant to sign up for Instagram Bonuses, when the opportunity rolled out last year, for one very simple reason: you have to give Instagram your social security number (literally within the App!) and I felt like this seemed really unsafe. After all, Instagram in owned by Facebook and I did not want to give Facebook such important information. 

However, as time passed by and nobody seemed to have any issues with this, I decided to sign up for Instagram Bonuses in April 2022. I thought I tell you today, how much money I actually made with Instagram Reels.

Here is what’s happening: 
In May I could’ve earned a maximum bonus of $8,500 for 84M views (with up to 150 reels). However, in reality I earned: $60 with 12K views.

In June I could’ve earned a maximum bonus of $1,200 for 11M views. In reality I earned: $101 for 37K views.

In July I could’ve earned a maximum bonus of $1,200 for 11M views. In reality I earned $102 for 43K views.

In August I could’ve earned a maximum bonus of $1,200 for 11M views. In reality I earned $102 for 46K views.

In September I can -yet again- earn a maximum bonus of $1,200 for 11M views. And guess what I will probably earn at the end of the deadline? You guessed it: around $100! LOL

I found a thread on reddit from other users that experienced the exact same thing: it seems you can reach very fast and easy those $100- which I get already at around 30K views. 

However, no matter how hard I try (or how many Reels I upload) after those initial $100, I only get pennies after that- even if I get another 10K or 20K views. Many Instagram users already noticed the exact same thing happening, so they stopped posting Reels when they reach the $100 and wait until the next bonus round starts.

Basically it feels like Instagram is throttling the payout after $100 and if you don’t get millions of views, you will never reach more than in the $100 range.

However, I still enjoy that $100. It is exactly what it is called: a BONUS! 

I just thought I keep you in the loop in case you have been wondering, how much you can make with Instagram Reels Bonuses.

How is your experience with Instagram bonuses and how much did you earn? Let me know!

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