How to promote healthy aging with a unique form of Vitamin B3!

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Lately I am reading a lot about why we actually age- like what is happening inside of our bodies? I stumbled upon a molecule deep within our cells that I have never heard before and can’t pronounce: Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide- or short: NAD+. NAD+ is the compound responsible for metabolic reactions in the body as well as cell repair and… yes: helping support healthy aging!!! What? I highly encourage reading up on NAD! NAD lives in every cell of us, and every cell is dependent on it! NAD+ is a key coenzyme in the body and it declines not only with age but also with exposure to physiological stress on our bodies. Without NAD+, our cells can't function properly, and neither can we! It is so interesting reading up on this, but I do not want to get too scientific over here.

Here is some good news: Tru Niagen 300mg -available at Walmart- boosts NAD+ by 40-50%*! Tru Niagen is patented and backed by Nobel Prize-winning scientists, 13 published peer-reviewed human clinical studies, and regulatory acceptance in the four most rigorous regulatory bodies in the world: the U.S. FDA, Health Canada, the European Union, and Australian TGA. Tru Niagen has been studied in 13 published human clinical trials that demonstrate its safety and efficacy to elevate NAD+.

Tru Niagen contains a unique form of Vitamin B3 that increases the cell’s ability to make energy which promotes a healthy cellular metabolism. It even repairs and keeps cells healthy! Because NAD+ is elevated, it helps reduce the cellular effect of aging. 

It is so important to take care of our bodies from the inside out! Putting on lotions and potions can only do so much and that is why I am super excited about my journey with Tru Niagen! I feel really good about putting something in my body that repairs and keeps my cells healthy and that promotes a healthy cellular metabolism.

I highly recommend reading up on NAD+ and trying out Tru Niagen (especially if you are worried about aging), but also to fitness enthusiasts who want to keep their cells healthy, support recovery and cell repair.  
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