15 recent beauty empties- which ones will I restock immediately?

I have -yet again- used up 15 beauty empties and I will tell you which ones I will restock immediately! This is always a great opportunity for some mini-reviews for ya! πŸ’

Here are my body care empties:

1. Algemarin Shower Gel // Amazon

Totally love this German body wash with sea algae extracts- so super fresh- my favorite since over 30 years! My friend in Germany did send me this- thank god cause it is much cheaper in Germany than here on Amazon lol! I still have another bottle to use up! Yay!

2. Scottish Fine Soaps Exfoliating Body Scrub // Amazon

This is a creamy shower scrub, with exfoliating particles. However, I find the particles are too large to actually do anything. I used this to shave my legs and it is very moisturizing and I like the fresh and clean scent. But not enough to repurchase. 😏

3. Bioderma Photoderm Apres-Soleil SOS Intense soothing mist // Skinstore

This is a refreshing soothing & hydrating mist that you spray on your body after you have been out in the sun. It feels lovely and sinks into the skin fast without any greasy residue. Love the fresh scent. However, I am reading lately a lot on how dangerous sprays are (besides for the environment for our own lunge!) so that I will be skipping this. I hope they have this as a regular lotion available! 

4. Dr. Scholls Ultra Exfoliating Foot Mask // Target

Oh my! I should have read the instructions before using these pre-soaked foot masks (they are like plastic socks!) You leave them on for 60-90 minutes. I got a tingling and cooling effect almost immediately. I liked that!

What I wasn't aware was: they were not lying! These are EXFOLIATING af! However, it takes many days before this actually happens. 5 days later the top of my feet was starting to peel (which looked really nasty, like I had a sunburn) and around 8 days later all the rough parts of my bottom feet were coming off. It looked really nasty! So, I am not sure I would do this again, because I do not like to walk around for many days with peeling feet! 

However, if you are too lazy to soak in a hot bath and then use this amazing foot file (simply the best!!!)- then maybe these exfoliating foot masks are right for you! πŸ˜†

5. Kneipp Bath Oil in Lavender // Ulta // Amazon

Love this bath oil from my Kneipp Herbal Bath Oil Gift Set- yet another German brand I swear by! Best bath oils with real essentials oils out there!

6. NatureWell Collagen  Intense Moisturizing Cream // Amazon

Loved this super moisturizing cream! This was on my desk and I used it for my hands! Huge jar (10 oz) that lasted a couple of month. Delicious clean scent and this was easy to use on my hands and immediately pick up a pen and write without feeling greasy! Great stuff!

7. Tree Hut Sunkissed Sands Shea Sugar Scrub 

I love these sugar scrubs from Tree Hut- this one smelled amazing fresh like the ocean. They include oils to also moisturize!

Here are my hair care empties:

1. HSI Thermal Protector infused with Argan Oil // Amazon

HSI’s argan oil hair heat protectant is a weightless mist meant to be used before heated styling that protects the hair to heat exposure up to 450ΒΊ F. This is great and the mist comes out super fine. Will keep the bottle because of that! Smells nice too!

2. California Breeze Dry Shampoo by Lidl

Can not live without this dry shampoo anymore! Super affordable and works just like Batiste! If you have a Lidl around, pick one up and try it! 

3. drybar Detox Dry Shampoo Coconut Colada // Ulta

I got this as a free birthday gift from Ulta (get yours here) and I loved it- however, my Lidl dry shampoo is so much cheaper! 😏

4. DevaCurl SuperCream // Ulta // Amazon // Sephora

I use this on days where I wear my hair natural- meaning I let my natural waves show! Remember how I tried out the 30 day curly girl method in the beginning of this year? I usually do this when I am lazy and staying home. This stuff is great and does not weigh my hair down.

5. Alterna Caviar CC Cream // Ulta // Sephora

This is a leave-in hair treatment and styling cream that provides moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, anti-breakage, heat protection, light hold, UV protection, manageability, and strength. Love it! This is perfect for a smooth blow-out. Smells amazing too! 

Here are some miscellaneous empties:

1. Cannatera Revive Facial Serum

A lovely hydrating facial serum with Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) seed oil. Enjoyed it very much!

2. Dermaflage // Amazon

My little trick to cover up my frown line between my eyes. Read here how I do that! Can not live without it anymore and use it every single day! 

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz (sample) // Ulta // Sephora

This is an ultra-slim, retractable eyebrow pencil. I love the "taupe" color as it is super ashy and has no warm under- tones. This is a rather dry formula and it depends on personal preference what you like. I rather have it softer and more "buttery" and find there are cheaper options out there for that. 

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