7th Year Blog Anniversary!

Wow! I'm celebrating my 7th year blog anniversary! 🥳 Who knew I would stick around that long? I have seen many bloggers come and go- but I am here to stay! ;-) I might switch up things here and there and change even a little about what I blog. After all: I have the freedom to do what I want on my little beauty corner here and I am so happy, that many of you chose to stick with me too over the years! I had a phase where I did a bunch of makeup tutorials,  even a "retro-phase" but the blog evolved now more into sharing beauty tips for women over 40 as well as giving you fashion inspiration (at least I hope so!) But my main goal is always to  have fun with my content and I hope you do too!

A couple of my blog highlights:

2013 I wrote my - to this day - most read article (more than 376K views): How to get free makeup and beauty products!

2014 I was featured by SheSpeaks, Sheknows, The Hub and Lucky Magazine.

2014 I started a YouTube channel and my most watched video (with more than 234K views is "How to remove a mole yourself"- this is a fantastic trick that really works) and I have today more than 13,300 subscribers.

2015 I became "the face of dermaflage" (a topical silicone filler to fill in flaws such as frown lines or scars- read more about my photoshoot). I was also named 1 out of 100 Popularizer by Glamour Magazine.

2017 I published my first book that sums up all the tips I have, on how to get free beauty products (which was in the Amazon Bestseller list)! I was also named one of the Top 100 Beauty Blogs worldwide.

2018 I was named one of the Top 25 Beauty Bloggers over 40. I gave an Interview to VoyageATL Magazine.

2019 I was named an TOP Fohr Influencer. I was named Top 15 Generation X Blogs. I was also named Top 25 Over 40 Beauty Youtubers

2020 I was featured in BestSelf Atlanta! My current top read with currently 11.5K read is "Why my skin looks better with 41 than 37"

A couple more numbers:

I have written now 1120 blog articles.
This blog received now more than 3.8 Mio visitors total.
This blog currently receives more than 42K pageviews/month.
I have 30K followers on Instagram.
I have hosted now more than 150 Giveaways with amazing prizes for you to win!

Thank you all so much for supporting my blog and for your lovely comments and messages!
Here is to many more years of blogging! 🍾🥂

BTW my newest adventure is a German YouTube channel (just reached 23K subscribers) if you like to check it out... and learn some German! ;-)