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So recently I was the “proud owner” of a classic set of eyelash extensions and I want to tell you today about my whole experience!

The procedure took 1.5 hours which is A REALLY LONG TIME! 😴 I received a “classic set” of eyelash extensions and I wanted them to look really natural and not IN YOUR FACE DRAG-QUEEN LIKE! My extensions were made out of fake mink.

What types of lash extensions are there?

Classic lashes are a 1:1 ratio of one extension applied to one natural lash.
Hybrid lashes are classic lashes and volume fan lashes mixed together.
Volume lashes are 2-6 thin eyelash extensions that make a fan shape to allow for a look of full fluffy lashes.

Mega volume lashes are 10 or more super-thin eyelash extensions. Pre-made fans are ready-made volume eyelash extensions. They are arranged on the sticker strip for easy pick-up and quick application.

Why are lash extension often made out of mink (or fake mink)?

Mink hair is hollow on the inside, which gives them them a much lighter weight, so they are more comfortable to wear!

You can also watch my experience on YouTube!

How was the procedure (besides that it took forever lol)?

You sit on this SUPER COMFORTABLE reclining chair and you can basically just relax or sleep during the whole process! I was listening to relaxing music!👌Now the aesthetician will tape your eyes and one of my eyes did not like this at all and started tearing like crazy. But she was able to remove the tape, let my eye relax somewhat and tape again. This time it seemed to work out.

The procedure isn´t painful or anything. She glues, one by one, the lash extensions on your real lashes. That is why she uses one of those (crazy looking) magnifying glasses.

However, at the end of the procedure she used a little fan to dry the extensions and I found this somehow unpleasant. How the fan brought cold air right into my eyes. This was the only thing that I personally did not really like about it.

And the result? Gosh! So pretty! And she did as I asked: a super natural look- yet so much better than my own lashes would look like. Totally loved the result and immediately showed it off on my Instagram!

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How long do lash extensions last?

My aesthetician said that these would last about 3 weeks, but I was really lucky! Mine stayed on for about 5 weeks (yes, here and there I lost a couple of extensions- but overall it still looked great after 5 weeks!). I did not do anything special to make them last that long.

I just cleaned mine as I would regularly (washing my face with a mild facial cleanser). If I put on eyeliner or something, I would carefully take that off at night with a soaked Q-tip (soaked with Nivea- read why I prefer German Nivea). I do believe that mine lasted so long, because I did not have a too crazy set of extensions on from the beginning- the result was more subtle! Please don´t skip washing your lashes to make them last longer. You don´t want to get an infection or something, right?

However, here and there the lash extensions felt sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes one of my eyes would be a little red too.

It is now 8 weeks later, and I cut yesterday the couple of leftover-extensions that I still had (which were like 4-5 extensions on each eye) off, with a little nail scissor because it started to look weird having only a couple of lashes sticking out.😅

click on image to enlarge!

Did I lose my own eyelashes?

I was afraid that might happen. In fact: it was my biggest fear, as I don´t really have long lashes and need them all to stay PLEASE!

I noticed that many times when one extension came off, one of my own lashes came off too because it was still attached. That scared me. But, I can see now after 8 weeks that: No, I really don’t think that my eyelashes got more sparse. It looks all good and healthy!

Don´t forget that your eyelashes fall off every couple of weeks naturally! We just don´t notice that much, because they don´t fall all out at once. The growth rate of hair varies from individual to individual depending on their gender, age, genetic predisposition and countless environmental factors- it can be between 1-3 month.

Would I do it again?

OK, I would not say “No”.

However, the first thing that gets me is the price (which can vary) – in this case the full set of classic extensions would have been $265!!! Which is steep!

The second thing is that I don´t really have time to sit 1.5 hours in a chair (plus the drive there and home)- easily adds up to 2.5 hours. Every 3 weeks (or if I am lucky and they hold again 5 weeks)- that is a lot of time!

The third thing is -even though I was pretty lucky and did not notice that my own lashes suffered from this -I still would be scared to do this regularly. I might have been lucky doing this only once. I could imagine that more lashes would suffer, if I would do this regularly. And I really don’t want to lose my own lashes!

So, my verdict is: Yes, eyelash extensions do look amazing! 

If it is worth it depends:

a) if you have the money?
b) if you have the time?
c) if you are not worried losing your own lashes?

There you go, this was my personal experience with my eyelash extensions!

Oh, one more thing: I really missed being able to use mascara! I don´t know, I just love applying mascara! And you are not supposed to use mascara on lash extensions (there is really no need for mascara as the lash extensions are black. I just noticed later on- from week 5 on that my blonde roots were kicking in which made my eyelashes look a bit weird!).

Have you ever had eyelash extensions, and did you like it? Do tell!

Disclaimer: I received the lash extensions for free being part of the 2020 Vision of Beauty Influencer Tour of BestSelf Magazine. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Read my full disclosure.