Hydrafacial with dermaplaning: my experience!

As being part of the 2020 Vision of Beauty Influencer Tour by BestSelf Magazine (I´ll explain here what that is) I was able to try out on Wednesday a Hydrafacial with dermplaning at the beautiful Anderson Aesthetics - a 10,000 square foot luxury medical spa and surgery center that offers bio-enhanced surgical and non-surgical procedures, and I want to tell you today about my experience!

I also have the whole procedure up as a Highlight on my Instagram, so you can see what actually happens when you book a Hydrafacial!

My beauty esthetician Donna decided -after inspecting my skin- quickly that she wanted to do first a  dermaplaning treatment to get the most out of my Hydrafacial.

After Donna washed my face, she opened a brand new sterile scalpel! 😱Watch in my Instastory how Donna scraped with a little scalpel the top layers of my skin and all the peach fuzz off! Dermaplaning is so satisfying to watch (especially since I have dermatillomania! Read here what that is). It is pretty crazy to see, how much dead skin and hair she got rid off. Revealing baby smooth skin!

After that Donna took out the Hydrafacial tool. This is a tool that cleanses, extracts, exfoliates and can even add nourishing serums deep into the skin (in my case Donna used antioxidants). Again- its best you watch my Instastory to get a better look at the different procedures. Depending on the procedure, Donna used different application methods for the tool- the extracting method literally felt like little ice-cold kisses! 💋

The Hydrafacial is pleasant, relaxing, never causes discomfort or anything.

I definitely had the cleanest, refreshed glowing skin after this treatment. 

3 days after: my skin still feels very plump, hydrated and looks and feels baby smooth. I also can´t hype enough about dermaplaning! Don't be scared: it is a myth that your hair grows back thicker and stronger! I shave my face since a long time and it never got more!

Can't thank Donna enough for this wonderful Hydrafacial! I highly recommend also doing the dermaplaning before for maximum results!

If you are in the Atlanta area- check out Anderson Aesthetics and tell Donna I send you! ;-)

Enjoy your Hydrafacial! I am sure you will love it as much as I did.

This is me (left) with Donna (right) from Anderson Aesthetics after my dermaplaning & Hydrafacial.
You can see how my skin glows!

Disclaimer: Thank you BestSelf & Anderson Aesthetics for sponsoring the above treatment. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Read my full disclosure.