Today I will tell you a simple trick that can help you to get rid of acne scars! I have tried it myself with success! And the best part? You probably don´t have to buy anything at all to do this! Do I have your attention?

First off: I admit: I am lucky enough that I never had really acne- I do however get my breakouts here and there and on top of it I suffer from dermatillomania (it is a disease where you can´t stop picking at your skin - read more about my disease here). The problem with dermatillomania is that you actually make the problem much worse with the constant picking at a tiny blackhead or pimple. It´s like "self-made" acne...

So I have had here and there the case of getting an "acne scar" from picking too strong or too many times. An acne scar almost looks up close as if there is a hole. Like skin is missing- but there is skin- just deeper inside. No wound- but literally a hole. The size can vary obviously too.

And I am lucky my skin heels very well, but I had this one spot on top of my nose that was approximately 5 mm x 3 mm big and it bothered me. Even a concealer would not sit right on top of that, so I felt it was very noticeable.

The good news is, that I can tell you that I completely got rid of that weird hole! And how?

Little disclaimer: I am not a health care professional or doctor. I am sharing my own experience and if you try to do this out for yourself, you do this at your own risk. Ask your doctor if you don´t feel safe or have questions about this!

I used a needle- a regular sewing needle and I poked a couple times right in the middle of my "hole"! Not deep! You know, just a tiny bit! Yes, I was bleeding a little- the skin on the nose is especially thin. It took about a week until the skin grew back and what was the result? The "hole" (= acne scar) was about half the size than a week earlier! Yay! So I started again poking with the needle in my "leftover hole". And what do you know? A week later it was again half the size!!! What an amazing success!

I kept doing this process until it was completely gone- I just always left the skin enough time to heal in between!

I feel like a scar is almost like skin "that fell asleep". It´s like the skin grew back to heal your body- but then it did not improve and you have to "wake" it up and cause some trouble to get the job done! ;-)

Anyhow: I am aware that this process is much easier, if you only have that 1 or a couple spots and might be a much longer process if you have a lot of acne scars- but I do believe this works.

Try it out for yourself and let me know if this worked for you. Don´t go overboard and do ALL your acne scars at once. Use your own judgement but I would not go crazy and poke in more than 2 or 3 spots at the same time. And don´t forget to disinfect with rubbing alcohol before you start (the needle and the skin!!!).

Or maybe try a dermastamp or a dermaroller to reach larger areas of your face- if you are brave enough!

Good luck!!!

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