How I got rid of my uneven skin tone!

Today I wanted to share with you, how I believe that I got rid of my (ridiculous) uneven skin tone! See the pictures above? On the left you see my face in 2013 with very visible brown spots- probably due to exposure of too much sun (I was living back then in Florida!). Especially on my cheeks and forehead! On the right you see my face in 2018- 5 years later and my skin tone has dramatically improved. I am wearing mascara and lipstick on both photos- but no foundation!

So, how did I improve my skin tone? 

1. Using a Vitamin S serum

I strongly believe that one of the biggest helpers was using a Vitamin C serum every single morning in the last 3 years! Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that can reverse dark spots on your skin (no matter if they are coming from age or the sun). Read also: The best Vitamin C serums.

2. Applying sunscreen

On top of it I took more care of my face and avoided direct sunlight- during summer I apply at least a sunscreen with SPF 50 (I like this one) and try to always wear a hat and glasses. But also during the winter month I make sure to always apply SPF on my face - and if it is just my beloved IT Cosmetics CC cream with SPF 50. Applying sunscreen won´t help you to get rid of the uneven skin tone by itself- but it will prevent further damage and new brown spots.

3. Chemical Exfoliation

The other thing that probably has helped me too to get rid of my uneven skin tone are various products that offer chemical exfoliation that I have used: from Lactic Acid, Retinol serums, Retinol creams, PMD Personal Microdermabrasion to Retin-A (read also: how to get Retin-A without a prescription). All these products speed up the skin cell turnover to get rid of the old skin and reveal fresher younger skin. Read also: how to do a chemical peel.

To sum it up:

That is really all: using a Vitamin C serum every morning, wearing sunscreen and staying out of the sun and chemical exfoliation (just don´t overdo this one- once a week or once a month should be sufficient- depending on how your skin needs it! Don´t strip your skin of its natural balance with over- exfoliation and give it enough time to heal. If you are using chemical exfoliater, using a sunscreen is an absolute must since you are exposing fresh skin to the sun and don´t want to immediately get new brown spots.)

Don´t forget that this has taken me a couple years to achieve! This won´t work overnight. Be patient and most importantly consistent!

Good luck... and merry Christmas! ;-)

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