This lipstick will last through your meal & drinks & kisses! #SuperStay #KissProof

So, you just applied this gorgeous lipstick that makes you feel so pretty and then you meet up with your friends for lunch. You have a good time- the food is excellent and the company is great. Until you have to go to the bathroom and with a quick gaze in the mirror realize: all that beautiful lipstick is gone! I think we all have been there- in that bathroom! ;-)

I have tried so many liquid lipsticks that promise unbelievable staying power (see how awful they looked after my lunch) but even the expensive ones would not look perfect after a meal anymore. So what a surprise, that this cheapo for under $10 actually does what it promises: All day relentless lip color, no flaking, no caking, no fading, and no drying for comfortable transfer-proof wear!

I found all these promises to be true! And about which lipstick am I talking? The Maybelline SuperStay 24 Liquid Lipstick. This is a 2-step system: on one side you have the liquid lipstick color and on the other a super moisturizing lip balm.

I always take extra time when I apply a liquid lipstick- because these usually stain your lips immediately- so you want to work VERY careful and exact. Little mistakes can be a hassle to remove! After you applied the liquid lipstick, leave your lips (kinda awkward) open to dry (don´t press your lips together) before you apply the soothing lip balm to give you super-shine and hydration! Don´t be surprised but the lip balm will actually stay absolutely clean and not move the color of the liquid lipstick at all! It´s magic! ;-)

After this 2 step process I find the color does not move or budge and not even a kiss, drinking or eating will do so!

You can see above how my lips looked after my lunch today (which was Chicken Alfredo btw!). My lips looked almost as good as before- maybe a tiny bit color vanished in inside middle of my lips and a little on the vertical lip lines. But nobody would ever see my lips that big! Remember: this is is a macro-shot and from 4 feet away my lips look "like new"!

I am using here the color Timeless Rose that is a mauve pink that looks always right and truly timeless! I have found also that -depending on how thick I apply the lipstick- I can change this color: from a sheer light rose to a really dark almost wine-red color! Pretty cool!

I will say that I would not use this liquid lipstick on a daily basis, because- as usual with liquid lipsticks- this can be feeling very drying on your lips if used too often. So I keep this lipstick as my secret trick for a lunch or dinner, where I want my lipstick to be put- even after the meal! Well, I guess it is no longer a secret anymore! ;-)

There you go: the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Liquid Lipstick will last through your meal & drinks!

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Available in a ton of gorgeous shades!!!

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