So I tried 6 liquid lipsticks: 3 high end and 3 drugstore versions to find the best liquid lipstick out there! I don´t really care for the matte look- what I care for is: long lasting! All 6 lipsticks are promising many hours of wear time- now let´s see if that is true! ;-)

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Place 6 Nyx Liquid Suede $6.99

The Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick comes in 12 colors but I had a tough time finding a nice one. I picked Life´s a beach but did not expect it to be so neon orange! The consistency was very strange. It felt sticky and never dried yet my lips felt still dry! I had to apply a lip balm on top but realized that you can not really do that. The lipstick wore almost completely off already after lunch. This was a fail!

A couple days later I tried mixing the Nyx Liquid Suede with the Nyx lip liner in pumpkin- this helped tremendously with 2 things: it wore truly many hours and the neon got much more muted- I actually like to wear it with a lip liner (I fill in my lips with the lip liner as well).

Place 5 Wet n Wild Megalast $2.99

The Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color comes in 13 very wearable colors but none of my drugstores carried it, so I ended up ordering it online. I really liked the feeling of this one. I chose the color Pocketful of Roses which I love even though it contains tiny little glitter pieces. Unfortunately after lunch most color was gone. 

Place 4 Tarteist $20

Tarte just released the Tarteist creamy matte lip paints and so I was very excited to try! Yet again I had a tough time picking a color because the 12 colors are all quite brave (blacks, violets and neons). I chose the color Twerk which is a super bright pink.  This one feels really nice and smooth and not drying on my lips. Unfortunately I experienced A LOT of bleeding into all my fine lines and in the corners of my lips. 

There was still a ton of color left on my lips after lunch and even after dinner I had color left- it actually stained my lips from within- but because of the excess bleeding I did not really enjoy it. I must give this another try with the Milani Anti Feather lip liner!

Place 3 Kat von D $20

The KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Liquid Lipstick comes in a wide selection of 28 colors- so you will not have a problem picking a beautiful color of your choice. I chose Mother- because I am- right? Love the color but it felt instantly so dry on my lips that I had to apply some lip balm on top. Like I said: this is no problem for me as I don´t really need to have matte lips. But: the color wore off already after lunch.

Place 2 Milani $8.99

The Milani Amore Matte liquid Lip Cremes come in 18 beautiful colors and I chose the color Fling. Again: none of my drugstores carried it, so I ordered online. What a hassle getting anything drugstore in Florida! ;-) This one is the only one that had a scent to it- a very pleasant Vanilla scent that is. It does not linger but I really enjoyed it. It is very easy to apply but felt drying on me and so once again I had to top it off with some lip balm. I was surprised that after lunch the color still looked good. I experienced a little bit of "color collection" in the middle inside of my lips that I had to get rid off. Other then that I did think this was a very decent liquid lipstick that I enjoyed very much. Even after dinner there was still a good amount of color left! This one is a winner!

Place 1 Anastasia Beverly Hills $20

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks come in a huge array of 26 fabulous colors and I chose Catnip (as you saw yesterday!). Although it felt instantly super dry on my lips and I had to apply AGAIN lip balm on top, I thought that it simply wore the best. After lunch the color was still good and even after dinner OK. I could not ask for more! 

So there you go, that was my winner!

And here you see again all 6 lipsticks before and after lunch!

I tried to get my hands on the new Jordana liquid lipsticks- but the only store that carried it was Kmart and they were all sold out! Craziness!

You can BTW extend the wear of any lipstick if you first line and then completely fill in your lips with a lip liner! ;-)

What is your favorite long lasting liquid lipstick?

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