Time sure flies by and I can´t believe this is already my 5th year of blogging (and I also turned 42- my blog and me we have always our birthdays together! Smile!). Over the years I have seen bloggers come and go- this is truly the hardest: sticking to it! I have a handful of blogger friends that started like me (around 2013) and also still are blogging. But most of them quit somewhere on the way. I admit: it isn´t always easy and I certainly had times, where I thought about quitting too.

What made me always stick to it? Every time I had these feelings, I changed something on my blog! Did something new- to make it fun again, you know! I had all kinds of phases, like in the beginning I shared frugal tips, later I shared a ton of makeup and skin care dupes. When I got bored of that, I had a retro phase where I created makeup looks from the 50s and 60s. Then I started to write about all kinds of beauty scams. You know: I always switched things up when it started to bore me.

The main reason for blogging should always be to have fun with it! If I ever would not have fun with it anymore, I would definitely quit. After all, I want YOU to have fun with me too... and how would that be possible, if I don´t show you that I have fun, right? I think you can feel, if I have fun with something or not. And whenever I put a ton of energy into an article, it usually is very well received by you guys too!

However, this year I found myself being in a very unpleasant situation- to say the least. I can not really go into details, as I am not allowed to talk about it...

Actually I found myself in another very unpleasant situation this year! My YouTube channel was suspended, because someone was flagging my videos as inappropriate. I was able to re-instate my channel, but it was really a situation that did not feel very good. You know, I felt hated on and couldn´t believe that a person (or multiple- I am not sure) can have so much power, that my whole channel got suspended. You can read here more about what happened.

Anyway, when I started to create this blog in 2013, I truly had no clue about blogging at all! I simply wanted to share my insights on how to get free beauty samples. I thought it was annoying and difficult to get free beauty samples in the U.S. Hence the name of my blog: beauty4free2u.com. Get it? “Beauty for FREE to you!” ;-)

A couple of blog highlights:

2013 I wrote my - to this day - most read article (more than 375,000 views): How to get free makeup and beauty products!

2014 I was featured by SheSpeaks, Sheknows, The Hub and Lucky Magazine.

2014 I started a YouTube channel and my most watched video (with more than 182,000 views is "How to remove a mole yourself".

2015 I became "the face of dermaflage" (a topical silicone filler to fill in flaws such as frown lines or scars- read more about my photoshoot). I was also named 1 out of 100 Popularizer by Glamour Magazine.

2017 I published my first e-book that sums up all the tips I have, on how to get free beauty products (which was in the Amazon Bestseller list)! I was also named one of the Top 100 Beauty Blogs worldwide.

2018 I was named one of the Top 25 Beauty Bloggers over 40. My most read article of 2018 is currently Why my skin looks better with 41 than with 37!.

A couple more numbers:

  • I have written now 969 blog articles.
  • This blog received now more than 2,8 Mio visitors
  • This blog currently receives more than 53,000 pageviews/month
  • This blog receives more than 733,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest.
  • I have 34,000 followers on Instagram.
  • I have hosted now more than 100 Giveaways.

Thank you all so much for supporting my blog and for your lovely comments and messages! Here is to many more years of blogging! And remember: if you are having thoughts of quitting, switch it up! ;-)

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