6 clever things that make life easier!

I have today 6 clever (and cheap!) things for you that make my life easier ... and hopefully yours too! Such simple little helpers that save me time but also pain!

We all know how annoying and maybe even hurtful (and ugly) those cuticles can be, right? Cutting them off can be painful and you might cut off too much healthy skin or even bleed. Well, the Orly Cutique Cuticle Remover will gently and effectively remove dead tissue, leaving cuticles soft and beautiful! 

You simply apply the solution on the cuticles, wait 30-60 seconds (depending on how hard the cuticle is). The solution will make the cuticles so super soft that it is easy to remove the skin with a cuticle pusher (I use this one). Genius! Oh and this can also removes nail stains! Amazing little helper! 

2. Frownies $17

I sleep since 4 years with Frownies! You heard that right: 4 (!!!) years! If that doesn't tell you that I really love them, what else does? You don't know what they do? Well, inside the box you have little paper triangles that you stick between your eyes to avoid frowning during the night. I had 4 years ago a very, very deep frown line between my eyes and that looks so, so much better today (read my 3 year update with before and after pics)! 

I used to joke that I could hide things inside of my frown line- well not anymore. Turns out that I am a "wild dreamer" and frown a lot during my sleep. Well, the Frownie keeps the crease flat and relaxed while I sleep and because the muscles of the face cannot move under the patch, it keeps me from frowning or expressing while I sleep. I can't live with them anymore! 

3. Pamprin $4-$5

Why suffer during your period, when there are such easy solutions to make us feel better! At the first sign of discomfort, I reach for something to ease my pain! But Pamprin does not only treat the pain- no! It goes much further than that and even helps to relief symptoms such as cramps, headache, backache, irritability, fatigue and bloating! Gotta have a box in my drawer for sure!

4. Nivea $1-$6

I always have a tin of Nivea in the house- I think every German women does! It is so versatile! It's an iconic cold cream used in Germany since centuries. You can use it for example a makeup remover, as a hand cream for extra dry skin, as a foot cream to soften those hard calluses, but also on your elbows and knees! My son suffers from eczema and Nivea really helps to get rid of the dry patches.

If you have a cold and your nose hurts (from all the tissues you are rubbing on your nose): Nivea is your best bet! And if you bought new high heels that hurt on the back of your feet: put Nivea on top! It will make the shoe glide on your heel instead of uncomfortable rubbing. 

I also like to use it as an eye cream, when it is really cold outside- it protects and seals the delicate eye area and doesn't let any moisture out. Yes, the blue little tin is a little magic and an amazing helper for so many situations!

5. Detangle Brush around $10

I can not even imaging brushing my hair without this brush! It detangles my super coarse and tangled hair so gentle and fast. Saves me so much time! If you have long hair, you need this! I love this brush!

I always use the Turbie Twist (it's a microfiber towel) after I washed my hair. It speeds up the drying process of my hair, but I also love how lightweight it is - compared to a regular towel. I can have my cup of coffee without a giant heavy towel on my head! I also use this when I take a bath to keep my hair dry! 

What is a clever thing that you need in your life?

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own. Read my full disclosure.