Today I wanted to tell you, why I have never done Botox, and why I don´t plan on having any either! In case you do Botox, this is your choice and I am not here to tell you in any way, that you should not do it. I know many ladies, that do this regularly and like it- please don´t feel like I am telling you to change anything. It is your life and your choices, I am only telling you, what my personal reasons are to not do Botox! That´s all! ;-)

First up I wanted to tell you about a video I saw a couple of days ago. Please go ahead and watch it for yourself:

This lady tries to explain to us, that she believes that Botox changed the structure of her skin on her forehead into a "gooey mess". She used to get Botox regularly, but stopped 7 years ago. While we don´t know, if what she describes really happened because of Botox, we also don´t know if it IS maybe true. Now, she is receiving extremely rude and negative comments from people on this video and I’m very embarrassed about that. They are telling her that she is just old and wrinkly and that in no way this has anything to do with Botox. Why are people so rude? 

And why are all these people defending Botox so much? So they have an excuse to use it? There are absolutely no long term studies out there. And it doesn’t look like there will be any in any future, since Botox is a billion dollar industry. According to this site, the Botox Industry Annual Revenue is $2,455,000,000 with 4,250,000 patients nationwide (not even talking about the rest of the world)! Botox probably knows, how to shut down any objective study! 

Anyway, she believes that this happened to her because of Botox and nobody has a proof that she isn’t right. We don’t know if she’s right or not and if Botox has long term effects!

Watch my reasons also on YouTube:

1. We don´t know, if there are long-term effects!

Botox is only 15 years old!  Anyway, obviously her video is not the reason, why I chose not to do Botox, but I really wanted to point out, that we all really can´t say for sure, if there are any side effects of Botox - maybe years later? Everybody feels so safe to say, that after a couple of month Botox is "out of the system". But there is no proof or study for that. Just because millions of people are doing Botox, it does not mean it is 100 % safe. I find we downplay a lot that this is a toxin we inject in our bodies. Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Hm, does not sound appealing to me! ;-)

2. I don´t want to obsess about my face

Another reason for me is, that I don´t like to obsess about beauty. I don´t want to look constantly in the mirror and try to see, if I see a change or if this or that wrinkle is smoothed out. I don´t want to constantly think about my face! Yes, I apply makeup in the morning and look in the mirror- but the rest of the day, I don´t want to constantly look at it. I feel like, if I would have Botox injections, I would constantly try to evaluate, if the effect is still there or not! Or wanting more!

3. I don´t want to have the "botox grimace"!

I am also scared to look like Spock. ;-) No really, I mean, while some women (or rather their doctors) really do a good natural looking job, in some cases it just looks like this:

This high arched eyebrow- I see it all over YouTube. This gives you an amazing space to work with your eyeshadow, but I don´t find it every attractive. Quite the opposite: it screams Fake and Botox to me! 

No really, I am scared to look like this and to loose the ability to see my face, how it looks to others. If you become obsessed about your beauty and face, you might loose the ability to see your face! There has to be a reason that so many women overdo Botox. Or is it just bad doctors? Anyway, if I would start to do Botox, I am scared I might loose myself and go overboard myself. So, I am better not starting.

4. Botox is expensive!

A much simpler reason is also: Botox is expensive!!! Hundreds of dollars just to smooth out that wrinkle?


So, there you have it! My 4 reasons, why I don´t do Botox! ;-) Again: I am not telling you what to do, these are my own personal reasons why I don´t do it. I completely respect if you choose to have it, if it makes you feel better!

Oh I made a funny video a while ago about Botox, you might like to see this if you like to giggle a bit- or a lot!

What is your take on Botox? Yay or nay?

UPDATE: 3 years later- don't judge me, but I was offered to receive a complimentary treatment of XEOMIN (similar to Botox)- read about my experience here.

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