I found my new favorite coco oil and it does not smell like coconuts- no! It actually smells like lemons, which is my absolutely favorite essential oil ever! Organic to green created these wonderful coco oils in different scents such as Vanilla, Rose, Jasmine Ylang Ylang, Ginger and of course: Lemon! I love that these coco oils are non-comedonic (won´t clog your pores) and do not turn solid, like regular coco oils do, when it gets colder. But these coco oils have many more benefits that I will tell you today about!

Organic to Green is a cruelty free brand, that I met at Cosmoprof (how I met them)- but they go way beyond only being cruelty free! 10 % of all of their profits go to charities and organizations that help fight global warming and animal extinction- such as the EWG (Environmental Working Group), the ASPCA (fights animal cruelty), PETA, Fair Trade, USDA or Stuart house (this is a model program serving sexually abused children).

What to do with coco oils?

And what do you do with these coco oils, you ask? The possibilities are endless! 

Use coco oils 
  • as a makeup remover
  • on dry ends of your hair 
  • as a body moisturizer (it´s also great against stretch marks or to prevent them in your pregnancy!)
  • as a facial serum (I like it especially under my very dry eyes)
  • on your cuticles
  • on your dry feet
  • as a massage oil 
  • or squirt a couple drops into your conditioner for extra hydration! 

Extra beneficial with essential oils!

But not only that the added essential oils smell of course very good, they are also extra beneficial for you!

Lemon ($36 8 fl oz /$12 for 1.8 oz) is purifying and a great toner for oily skin, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, removes dead skin cells, stimulates growth, smooths//softens skin, prevents water loss, moisturizes and naturally deodorizes, is an astringent for hair scalp, skin, & promotes optimal conditions for hair growth!

Jasmine Ylang Ylang ($36 8 fl oz /$12 for 1.8 oz) is moisturizing, an antioxidant, protects skin, improves aged/stressed skin, reduces redness & can be soothing.

Ginger ($36 8 fl oz /$12 for 1.8 oz) can be healing, is a natural antioxidant, reduces the appearance of scars, promotes hair growth, can reduce cellulites, combats dandruff, heals skin injury’s, sunburns, abrasions, is anti-inflammatory, hydrates and gives glowing skin, can be healing, hydrating, soothing & protects skin. 

Rose ($36 8 fl oz /$12 for 1.8 oz) is a great anti-aging ingredient because it´s a natural antioxidant, can reduce scars, fine lines, correct dark spots, protects, hydrates & is antibacterial. 

Vanilla Chamomille ($36 8 fl oz /$12 for 1.8 oz) is great for sensitive skin and can be healing, soothing for sunburns, treats dandruff psoriasis, acne, aging, moisturizes & hydrates.

Mix them!

But there is more! You can also mix the coco oils for additional benefits! 

The ginger mixed with the lemon is great for sensitive or sunburned areas that need some TLC and healing. Also, great for rashes or sunburns on the chest! 

Mix the rose with the jasmine ylang ylang for ultimate beauty and glow at night or use a pump of the jasmine ylang to your foundation for an extra dewy look + femininity!

More products:

I also want to tell you about the Eucalyptus Spray ($36 8 fl oz) that I am absolutely loving! This can be used an all natural air freshener and I love to use it at night in my bedroom! It is great against sinus irritations and smells so wonderful fresh- like in a sauna!

Oh and the Organic Rainforest Scrub ($24)- oh my! Don´t try to eat it, cause you will have the urge to, if you like coconut desserts that is! It smells heavenly like paradise...can´t wait to hop in my bath tub tonite to use it again! 

The Arctic Moisturizer ($12) is such a wonderful moisturizer and smells like fresh Vanilla! So yummy. This has the consistency of a lip balm, hard at touch- but it will become soft when it touches your skin- you can use this on your lips- or you can use it on dry areas of your skin that need special attention (I like it around my eyes and ellbows!).

This is such an amazing brand- I am so glad that I got to meet them. Not only are the products organic and all natural- they smell also great and they really are beneficial in any skin care routine. 

Get more info about Organic to Green here. You can get it also at Ulta!

What is your favorite essential oil?


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