Have you seen the Hourglass Curator Lash Instrument? Hourglass released this mascara -I believe- last year and they claimed,  that 

"this mascara is like no mascara wand you've ever seen. A unique bristle and brush-free tool gets to the very base of the lash line, truly transforming your lashes." 

The mascara literally looks just like a bolt screw. But is this really a new idea and can I dupe this?

Screw it! Hourglass wasn't the first screw mascara. ;-)

No, absolutely not. Helena Rubinstein made headlines in 1958 by inventing MASCARA MATIC, the first ever automatic mascara in a tube. This rechargeable jewel-like object was nestled within a sophisticated golden tube. Later renamed LONG LASH and the best part: it is still available today!

You gotta watch this lovely ad from 1958! Funny and adorable!!!

Photo credit: www.helenarubinstein.com

So, not really that inventive by Hourglass after all, isn't it. You have to know that mascara before 1958 looked like this:

The applicator reminds me on a toothbrush lol.  I love that Besame created a "cake mascara" that looks just like it- I'll might have to give this a try out of curiosity, though I doubt it will be very good. After all that is the reason our mascara wands changed over the years.

I think it is just so funny that Hourglass pretends to have invented such a new mascara wand, while it all looks to me just like Helena Rubinstein's Long Lash Mascara to me. ;-)

Anyway, there is another difference: the price! 

While the hourglass curator lash instrument costs a painful $78 and is to be used with the CURATOR ASCENT EXTENDED WEAR LASH PRIMER for another $36 and with the CURATOR REALIST DEFINING MASCARA FORMULA for yet another $36- this would total $150- the Helena Rubinstein Long Lash Mascara retails for only 41 Euro (around $46) including mascara...

However, hourglass is cruelty free and Helena Rubinstein is not cruelty free.

I myself chose to buy:  NEITHER ONE- one is not cruelty free and the other simply too expensive lol. 

However, I wanted to do a little test...with a bolt screw! 

I am screwed!

No, she didn't! Yes, she did!

Hubby is screwing around a lot LOL and surely enough I found one in his tool-box that looks just like it! It is even gold! ;-) I disinfected it with alcohol- so don't get scared.

I put it into a mascara tube and then applied with a surprising result!

To my own surprise, this worked fabulous! I could not believe,  how smooth it worked. No smudges either. I applied it first on my left eye and thought the result was major! Fullness and length and really quick too! 

However: on my right eye the result wasn't as good- the mascara quickly clumped and I know why: too much time has passed and the mascara dried already on the screw. You can see on the third pic below how the mascara didn´t turn out as well on my right eye. But still not too bad either.

Overall verdict: 

I was actually impressed, how good this bolt screw worked- but you have to probably clean the screw before applying on the second eye to avoid clumping of the mascara.

Would I do it again? No, too much work! Screw this! ;-)

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