We all (or is it just me?) hope to find a cheaper (and less invasive!) alternative to Botox, something like a cream, that plumps up our skin cells -just like one of those fillers does, right? Pure Radiance Restore promises to do just that! A dermal filler without injection? Is that possible?

Pure Radiance is of course a cruelty free brand!

Product claims:

Restore is formulated specifically to help you fill out those deeply lined trouble spots in your face- like the nose-to-mouth lines (nasolabial fold), lip lines, your forehead and those wrinkly areas around your eyes.


The product contains (among other things, see pic above): Hydrolyzed Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin A - sounds like a powerful combination!

It is a very thin lotion that feels very hydrating and soaks instantly into my skin- and no greasy feel. It also does not get shiny after a while- which is a great plus for me with my oily T-zone. After a minute, my wrinkles seem to look less visible and smoothed out- the result last all day too! The scent though... it is a little weird...can´t put my finger on it, but thankfully it diminishes after a couple of minutes.

Let´s not talk long around- I know you want to see results! Here you go: 


You can clearly see, how my wrinkles and fine lines and even my crow´s feet look less pronounced and more "filled up".

Yes, you know me! I am obsessed patting every instant wrinkle remover onto my forehead (like I did here), so I had to give this a try! And I gotta say: you can clearly see great results! Up close (click on pic above to see even closer), you will notice a tiny bit the yellowish lotion sitting inside of my forehead wrinkles- but if you are a foot away from my face (and usually people don´t come closer than that in real life, right!), you won´t see it at all. Impressive!

I also tried it on my hands cause they are getting quite wrinkly (hey I am 40 after all!)- and even here the results are undeniable!

And other than many other instant wrinkle products that I have tried, this one does not feel one bit uncomfortable- it is not just sitting on top of the skin- but really becoming "one" with my skin. It does not give the typical "tight" feeling and also does not feel sticky like other instant wrinkle removers do, yet it still is working! 

Little tip: this one is easy to use on top of your makeup- which I highly recommend to do, because if you apply first this, and then your makeup the result might get minimized- but on top of your makeup you still get the full results.

Overall verdict: 

This stuff really works! Results lasts all day. I have never tried any kind of fillers, injections, Botox you name it- so I can´t compare it to that. But I know that this is certainly cheaper than injections and I really like the results! ;-)

Disclaimer: Thank you Pure Radiance for sponsoring this post. I received the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Read my full disclosure.