Today I tell you how I got rid of my knee pain! A couple month back I hurt my knee at the gym, and the pain would not go away for months! After I complained to my mother in law about my pain, she recommended using Triple-Flex to me as she suffered from knee pain and this has helped her.

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I admit, I was very skeptical because I thought: What can a couple of supplements do, right? And what do you know? After only a week of taking these, my pain got better and better! So crazy! What does it contain? The main ingredients are Glucosamine and Chondroitin. After googling it, I found out that many people swear by these supplements, but doctors still don´t believe it...well you better believe it, because these helped now my mother in law, myself and even my husband (who had pain at the spine!).

I am a total believer. I get 2 side effects from these pill though: swollen eyes and constipation. I take now 1 magnesium with the Triple-Flex and that does the trick with the constipation. The swollen eyes though I still suffer from. I tried using only a half pill (you are actually supposed to take 2 pills but I take only 1), but then the knee pain comes back.

If you have knee pain, you should surely give this a try. It contains shell fish, so if you are allergic you can´t take them.

Good luck! Let me know, if Triple-Flex helped you too! ;-)

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