Today I have another review of an instant wrinkle remover for you: the nanoblur, made by Indeed Laboratories, a Canadian skin care brand! I will soon present to you, which instant wrinkle remover is my favorite of them all (if you follow me on SnapChat, you probably know already which one it is!).

Here are the claims:

Instant skin finisher improves the appearance of skin aging
including the look of fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet andenlarged pores.

• Mattifies and blurs out imperfections in seconds• Softens appearance of fine lines and wrinkles• Works on all skin types and tones• Has no color and is not a makeup• Formulated without Parabens or Perfume• Immediate correction of the appearance of skin aging• Uses light diffusing technology to create flawless, cameraready skin

My verdict:

Just like the Elf Wrinkle Remover (read my review here) this product does only work on my forehead. I don´t see changes around my eyes and I don´t like the feel of the product around my eyes. It seems this is the case with any of these instant wrinkle remover products as they make your skin feel stiff and it just is easier on those parts of your face, that don´t move a bunch- like our forehead. 

However: on my forehead I am loving the results! The thin white lotion blurs out all those lines perfectly. Just like with the Elf Wrinkle Remover though, I find it can look patchy together with foundation. It is best to apply this on your forehead without any foundation and skip the powder too.


Overall I find this a very decent product and it is worth the $19.99, because you get 1 oz. of product, which should be enough product for a looong time (I would estimate, if you use every day a half pea-size, that you will be fine for a year!). 

If you don´t have to cover up many imperfections on your forehead, you should give Nanoblur a try! It really works!

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