Today I have a review of the brand new Honest Beauty Falling For You Palette ($35) and I also have a lip crayon in the color Mulberry Kiss ($18). Honest Beauty is a new cruelty free makeup line created by Jessica Alba (find more cruelty free brands here) that is now available at Ulta. It is made without parabens, paraffins, talc, petrolatum, mineral oil, or synthetic fragrances.

The packaging is cardboard with a pretty paint design. Unfortunately mine arrived with one broken eyeshadow, as you can see on the photos. But the colors just screamed my name! 

What I did not know was, that the blush is a cream blush and eh- it´s not my favorite. It feels greasy like a lip balm. The 2 lip colors are also just meh- don´t need them and they feel greasy and look patchy. I just also don´t like to have my lip products in an eye palette for hygienically reasons.

Now to the eyeshadows: the first purple color is a matte color that is a let-down. Patchy and scratchy- but the other 4 shimmery eyeshadows are pure gorgeousness! So pretty!

Initially I wanted to return the palette and exchange for a new one, since one eyeshadow was broken, but then I was torn because 4 products in the palette are losers for me, but 4 eyeshadows are  winners- and THEN I found something awesome out: while watching my snapchat feed yesterday, I saw a friend wearing the exact same eye-look that I created with the Honest Beauty Palette, but she used the Kat von D Monarch Palette! 

OF COURSE! I knew the colors looked familiar! If you own the Kat von D Monarch Palette, you definitely don´t need the Honest Beauty Falling for you palette.

Check out, how similar they are!

So the verdict is in: I will return this palette because I can create the exact same eye-look with the Kat von D Monarch Palette- one of my favorite palettes anyway.

I also tried the Honest Beauty Lip Crayon in Mulberry Kiss ($18)- a wonderful deep wine red color with purple undertones. This one applies so creamy- like butter! The pigments are crazy- but be careful to not get product onto your teeth- that happened to me both times I used it. So, after applying this lip crayon, you might want to wipe off some excess (or stick your finger in and pull it out again). 

It also has a nice light fruity scent- not overpowering. If you have serious dry lips, you will love how moisturizing this one is because it includes jojoba seed oil, murumuru butter and shea butter. 

It´s not exactly long wearing because it is so buttery, that the product wears off fast- but it leaves me after around 2 hours with a nice looking ombré effect because the middle part wears off, but the outlines of my lips stay put. This is of course not intended, but still is a pretty effect in my opinion! ;-)

Here is a makeup look I created with this palette and the lip crayon:

Now, of course if you don´t own the Kat von D Monarch Palette (it´s discontinued, so you can´t buy it anymore), then you can create some stunning fall looks with the Honest Beauty Falling For You Palette- your choice: I say it includes 4 winners and 4 losers. ;-)

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