Here is a little interview I did with Phyrra. I originally wanted to email her a couple of questions, but Courtney was so very kind to offer me, to meet her in person (completely by accident it happens to be, that we do not live very far from each other!) 

Well anyway: 

I was so excited meeting her! We met at the Cheesecake factory - I spotted her right away with her new pink hair do. I was impressed, how beautiful her skin looked! She reminded me on Snow white: skin white as snow - and absolutely no blotches, imperfections- wow! I want skin like that. When I commented on that, she simply told me, she used a little Tarte concealer and It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores powder. Wow´sers. Wish a little concealer would be enough for my skin! ;-)

Anyway: Courtney is such a lovely and humble girl, I tell you! She is warm, friendly and almost a little shy. We connected quickly and our chat was fun and very inspirational.

Here is my little interview. I hope you enjoy!

Me: Why did you call your blog Phyrra?
Courtney: Phyrra was the name of my drow elf D&D character and I played her online in many different video games like World of Warcraft, so I decided it worked as a blog name.  

Me: How long are you blogging and how did your blog evolve in that time- was it always about beauty?
Courtney: I started blogging in 2008 when I couldn't find any reviews about mineral foundations, so I started to share my own. I also started sharing my own FOTDs, swatches, and other things. I've always written about beauty and jewelry and my life. In 2012 I went cruelty free and that really changed the focus of my blog.

Me: Do you have a regular job too or do you only blog?
Courtney: I do! I work as a writer / editor as well.

Me: So your main reason to switch to cf was because Mac was changing their stance and selling in China, correct? Did you find it hard to switch? 
Courtney: Yes, MAC selling in China was the main push to me going cruelty free. I didn't find it hard to switch but it did make me sad that the brand I'd been obsessed with and was my first makeup love was no longer cruelty free.

Me: What was the toughest item to find a cf replacement for? 
Courtney:I honestly think the hardest thing was MAC Strobe Cream. But I've found a few replacements and better ways to apply makeup to deal with not having it.

Me: Do you ever leave the house without makeup?
Courtney: I do now, but I used to never leave the house without makeup because of my rosacea / redness. Before I was diagnosed with rosacea, I always felt like my face looked blotchy, so I would never leave the house without foundation.

Me: A makeup item that's discontinued but you still love so very much?
Courtney: I can't think of anything right now because I've been able to find indie replacements for almost everything. 

Me: Your very first makeup item you remember purchasing?
Courtney: I remember purchasing a Revlon lipstick called Burnt Raisin or something like that in high school. 

Me: If you can choose only 3 makeup items to get ready- which ones would you pick?
Courtney: Only 3? Eek! I'd choose my DIY BB Cream for my foundation, Urban DecayAfterglow Highlighter in Aura and Too Faced Pitch Perfect Lipstick.

Me: Your favorite lipstick? 
Courtney: Right now I'm currently obsessed with bright pinks - Too Faced PitchPerfect, Urban Decay Menace, & Bite Beauty Moscato are the 3 I'm wearing the most.

Me: What's your real hair color? A hair color you haven't tried yet but would like to?
Courtney: It's a very dark brown that people often think is black. I would love to try a deep teal blue to lime green color melt. 

Me: If you could switch your life with any person in the world, who would it be?
Courtney: No one! I'm really happy being me these days :) 

Me: What do you wish, you would've known earlier in your blogger career? Any other tips for small bloggers?
Courtney: I wish that I had known about eyeshadow primer from high school! I didn't learn about it until I started blogging, which just seems like a crime!

Tips for bloggers: Always write about what you're passionate about. Make sure you take bright photos with lots of light. Natural light can compensate for a less fancy camera. Always use rel="nofollow" links when you're writing about a press sample or sponsored post. Always disclose so that your readers know whether you purchased something or if it's a press sample. Get a photo subscription to something like Fotolia if you want to use royalty free images; don't just google and think you can use images that you find in search. Get inspired from your fellow bloggers! Read their posts, repin and retweet them.

Thank you so very much Courtney for this lovely interview!

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If you also like to switch to cruelty free cosmetic, you can find cruelty free brands here.

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