How to save money for makeup & cosmetic

Not everybody can afford to buy all the beautiful makeup out there and that is why I like to share a couple of tips today, how to get some beautiful things without spending too much! I am not a coupon lady- so this is not what you can expect in this post! ;-)

1. Choose great drugstore brands!

Well, the easiest thing to save on Beauty products is to choose awesome brands that deliver great quality without the hefty price tag. I recommend: Wet n Wild, Catrice, Essence, BH Cosmetics, Colourpop, City Color, Elf, Milani, Nyx and the Ulta store brand.

2. Do it yourself!

Another great tip to save on Beauty is to DIY- for example: do your own bronzer, make your own Vitamin C serum (just mix Vitamin C powder with water and glycerin!), or highlight your own hair. You can find pretty much everything or anything on the web. Check also Pinterest for inspiration or bellashoot!

3. Get samples for free!

There are a ton of ways to get absolutely free beauty samples. Check my list how to get free beauty samples here!

4. Test beauty products for free!

I show you lot´s of ways, how you can test beauty products completely free! Here is a list of the 10 best beauty consumer panels!

5. Consider writing a beauty blog- the swags are amazing!

I am the best example, how much stuff you can get for free if you write a beauty blog! ;-) Here is a list of how to get free stuff as a beauty blogger

6. Start a YouTube channel to get free stuff for review

YouTuber have even bigger chances in getting free stuff for review! Here is another list how to get free stuff as a beauty guru!

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I discovered so many tips and tricks how to get free stuff, that I wanted to share all my insights with you. I compiled all the information that I know on "How to get free beauty samples, how to get free stuff, how to become a product tester and other money saving tips", including some never shared before tips in one convenient e-book for you!

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