treaclemoon body wash review

Another goodie my good old friend from Germany (Dankeschön Heikilein!) brought me were these body washes by Treaclemoon- a U.K. based brand that is of course cruelty free- but also vegan! (no animal testing and not animal by-products used).

One Ginger morning

Wow´sers! My favorite out of the 3. Fresh, crisp and citrusy- awakes all my senses in the morning! Best body wash ever (the only body wash that I know that is as crips and tangy is The Body Shop Satsuma). Can´t wait for Heike to come back to bring me some more Ginger mornings! ;-)

The Raspberry Kiss

Not sweet but powerful fresh and tangy- almost like raspberries that are not ripe yet- energizing and uplifting to shower with this one!

My Coconut Island

Think: Pina Colada, sunny beach and palm trees- this one is relaxing as a little vacation!

Oh my, am I sad Treaclemoon is not available here in the U.S.! Please Treaclemoon start to carry your wonderful body washes in the U.S. We really need you here! 

Check them out here:

I think they do ship though- but you know shipping costs are always a turn off.