The Power of Ginseng!

Did you know about the benefits that Ginseng can make in your life? Ginseng has traditionally been used for a number of medical conditions. Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider to include Ginseng into your life!

To boost your immune system

Some studies have found that Ginseng may boost the immune system. There is some evidence that one particular type of American Ginseng extract might decrease the number and severity of  colds in adults.

To lower your blood sugar levels

Several studies in people have also shown that Ginseng may lower  blood sugar levels.

To lower stress and fatigue

American ginseng has a long history of use an adaptogen known to fight fatigue and stress by supporting the adrenal glands, while also helping muscles utilize oxygen.

To support your focus and memory

There is some early evidence that Ginseng might temporarily -- and modestly -- improve concentration and learning. In some studies of mental performance, Ginseng has been combined with ginkgo. 

Ginseng has also been studied as a way to improve mood and boost endurance as well as treat  cancer,  heart disease,  fatigue,  erectile dysfunction,  hepatitis C,  high blood pressure, menopausal symptoms, and other conditions. 
Unfortunately there are no natural food sources of Ginseng, although it is sometimes added to energy drinks and other foods. The only way to add Ginseng into your life is by getting a supplement- but always buy Ginseng from a well-respected company. Because it’s an expensive root, there is a risk that disreputable manufacturers might sell adulterated Ginseng or include less than advertised on the bottle. 
Here is one that I can recommend: The TUFF BEAR American Wisconsin Ginseng Capsules are made with 100% Natural Pure Potent Herbal Panax Quinquefolium American Wisconsin Ginseng Roots that are ground to an extract powder. These Ginseng Roots are grown in Marathon County, Wisconsin, USA.

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