Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo Review

It´s been now a month that I dyed my roots with the Shea Moisture Hair color in light blonde. Unfortunately my roots turned out to be very orange. Arrrgh! I was so mad! Maybe I should´ve left the dye longer on? Who knows. It might be "hot roots"- meaning that my scalp was warmer then the rest of my head and this could be a reaction of the hair dye to it.

Anyhow. I needed this to get fixed. I heard already about the effect that purple shampoos should have on brassy (orange or yellow hair). It has something to do with complementary colors. Colors that are complementary (across from each other) will neutralize each other.

Next step was finding a purple shampoo that is cruelty free! I was happy to find the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Shampoo at Ulta and for $10 it seemed to be priced reasonable. I read a lot of reviews on this shampoo and the girls all seemed to really like it.

Very excited to get rid of that ugly orange tone I washed my hair. The scent is somewhat intense (like a heavy perfume) and not really my favorite but it lather´s very well. Although I was hoping to get rid of my orange hair color after one wash- I did not really see a result. Hm... weird because some girls even said that their hair got a bit pink! Mine did not really loose it´s orange color at all! Next time I washed it, I left it on for about 5 minutes to maximize the effect. (Note: Lee Stafford recommends to use the Shampoo only once a week as it can be drying- but I wanted my hair to get rid of the orange color as quick as possible and did not follow this guideline). 

And how did my hair look? Still, after 2 washes I barely saw a difference! Grrrr! Made me so mad! I washed and washed and washed (every 2 days) with Lee Stafford but until this day (4 weeks later!) I see orange tones on my roots. Better? Yes, better- but still recognizable there. 

Check out my results:

After 1 wash you can see that the ends of my hair got a little pink but my roots were still orange. It got rid of the yellow undertones. But after that I did not really see a huge difference.

I am really disappointed. I was wondering, if this Shampoo maybe works better on yellow hair because it is very "pink based"- and if you look at the complementary colors, the orange is across from a more "blue based" purple. Maybe I need another purple shampoo with a blue base? I don´t even know, what to do now. Maybe I need to go to a salon to get this fixed- my roots are anyway coming in again lol.

Have you tried a purple shampoo that worked for you?

Update: I have found the best purple shampoo that really works! Read here about it!

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